By Emma Peel on Paying Your Share and When You Can't

"But this week, I hadn't gotten paid yet and I didn't really have the money but I wanted to see everyone"... No. What you say in that situation is NO. Or you come along and don't eat. Or you say you'd love to see everyone but you're tight on cash so you're just going to have a salad and a glass of water, that cool? (Or if it's a group of friends where people just pay what you owe, you don't even have to say anything! Have the hummus plate and a soft drink and pay your $10 with tax and tip.)

Being an adult means realizing the universe does not owe you the chance to do everything you want to do, other people be damned.

Posted on March 15, 2013 at 1:49 pm 33

By joeks on The Day My Shrink Told Me to Change My Personality

Ehhh... I find it really tiring when grown adult people are super-proud of their sarcasm. Like, congratulations, you have mastered the domain of 13-year-olds everywhere.

There are better means of communication, quite frankly. Why be so attached to this one? It's actually kind of lame, and it's not a suitable replacement for real intelligence or personality or sophistication.

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By Megoon on Beauty Q&A: Too Many Choices

The Naked Palette from Urban Decay is the answer to almost all of anyone's regular (ie, non-crazy colors) eye shadow needs. I PREACH about this thing; plus it comes with a mini-bottle of their amazing (sorry Jane, I know you hate it) primer. The palette is fifty bucks and will last you until grandmahood. Every color is usable. LIVE IT LEARN IT LOVE IT! (there's a Naked 2 but I don't like it as much).

Oh, and that wash-your-face-for-a-full-minute tip is life-changing. It changed my face almost overnight.

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