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@The Lady of Shalott - Sounds like tequila time to me!

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On The Sound of Your Hymen Falling in the Woods

I think one of the problems with the whole "save yourself for marriage" thing is that it reduces a girl's worth solely to her vagina. It sends a message to kids that you're only a good person if you've never sullied yourself with p-in-v sex, and have rendered yourself less worthwhile once you've done the dirty deed (because that's the most important part of you - your vagina). It's an oversimplification, and moreover, degrading. A girl of any age is more than what she does with her genitals, and should be defined by more than that.

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On Friday Open Thread

@likethestore - Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth - SO GOOD.

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On Friday Open Thread

@laurel - Good lord, I hadn't even though of names - I have no idea what I'm going to name them!!

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On Friday Open Thread

Hmm, sparkly khaki eyeliner, you say?? I must investigate! Right now I'm loving Origins Underwear for Lids in Beige Gaze - perfect for summer because it doesn't budge; it's also perfect because it's subtle and slightly shimmery and goes great with eyes in the green/hazel family.

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On Friday Open Thread

@terrific - Another thing to think about, realated to your cycle, is that you might not just have PMS, you could have PMDD, which is a much more severe form of PMS. I know that I often felt depressed, then wildly manic, then back down, etc. Talk to your gyno and see if it's possible this might be happening to you. I personally am now on a BC pill (Lybrel) that regulates all that nasty hormone shizz and feel much, much happier.

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On Friday Open Thread

My bike is named Bojangles, cause he's jaunty!

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On Friday Open Thread

@parallel-lines - Oh, man; I feel for you on the stress issues. I was MoH in my best friend's wedding last year and she nearly came apart! Still, one thing that she did say to me after it was all over was that it turned out to be more than worth it. I hope it will be that way for you, too. Stay focused on the end goal, and the positive, take time to breathe, and become good friends with tequila!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Ophelia - Fun! I love surprises like that.

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On Friday Open Thread

So, you guys, after a lot of thought and consideration about the responsiblities and such, I'm finally jumping into the pet world. I'm off to a shelter this evening or tomorrow to find a pair of kittens made just for me! Since my family never had pets growing up, I'm both excited and a little nervous. But mostly, excited.

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