By Mary Beth Ostlund-Wood@facebook on The Limitations of Eve Ensler's Dance-Based Activism

@Brooke Shelby Biggs@facebook If you like to dance, then dance. I love to dance and do it all the time. But please don't try to turn it into a political action of change. It's a self indulgence once you cross that line, and a way for people who are actually NOT doing anything to present themselves TO themselves as people who are. The point isn't that people don't want you to dance, Brooke, or that it is unimportant or don't enjoy it themselves. It's just that it's offensive as hell when people thing that dancing is a political act. It isn't. I suspect in many cases that people, women, who try to argue that it IS are merely wanting to justify their own nonparticipation in the actual hard stuff that actually changes things and makes a difference while flitting around and getting all the kudos from dancing they receive under false pretenses. i.e., saying they're radical or feminist or progressive or whatever because they dance. Seriously? What astonishing self deception and self indulgence. I suspect they just want an audience, myself. Dance. Fine. But please don't call it "action" in a political sense. By the way, the exhortation for Bread and Roses implied that mistreated workers and women etc were entitled not just to an existence, but to a good existence which included leisure, beauty, and the things that make life rich. They were not insisting on their right to dance. The phrase Bread and Roses, therefore, is powerful. "I want to dance and be considered a member of a movement because I dance" is horseshit and a completely different thing.

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By Mary Beth Ostlund-Wood@facebook on The Limitations of Eve Ensler's Dance-Based Activism

@yunkstahn PRECISELY HOW I FEEL, well done. Why do some women have to be so damn dumbly ineffectual and girlie when they present their feminist point of view? As if they are still all wrapped up in "being nice and not tooooo emphatic, or the boys won't like me" which I see from college aged girls all too often, sadly. Vagina Monologues? It embarrasses me to be a woman every time it comes up in conversation or on the news or whatever. STrikes me as some not-very-smart or not-very-brave woman's attempt to be "ooooo...so rebellious and flying in the face of convention, using the word VAGINA in public!!!! My Mother will HATE THIS, and I LOVE THAT!!" ----ish. And just coming across as a wimp. And Dancing? Yeah right. That will really help. I'm sure entire nation's of violent men will immediately lay down their knifes and their fists and tuck their dicks away if they SEE US DANCE. How about marching, carrying a sign, picketing those who picket abortion clinics, starting a movement or contributing to one that already exists. Hell, how about screaming on the street corner, confronting politicians, running for office, speaking out, writing something direct and fact-driven and powerful and MEANINGFUL????? You know: DOING SOMETHING. Dancing???!!! Vagina Monologues? Seriously? How completely nonproductive and nonconfrontational and......girlie. Embarrassing stuff and in my opinion, all "aren't I precious" and self-aggrandizing as the gal urgins us to dance or sit through the horrors of the VM uses the occasion of her "art" to put a bit of pretty prose out there, making herself out to be all artsy and filmy and ADMIRABLE. Bite me. Women are dying out there from violence and sexual slavery and forced prostitution and the men they're married to as well as complete strangers in the alleyways attacking them. Not to mention frat boys and high school football players who are then protected by the town and the culture and the administrators of the schools. Dance? Ask a vagina what it has to say? Mine says you people make me sick and tired. Get serious or shut up.

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By Story #2 on The Limitations of Eve Ensler's Dance-Based Activism

@Brooke Shelby Biggs@facebook Bread and roses by all means, but the problem, I would say, is that Eve Ensler is stuffing rose plants into the oven and claiming they make bread. They don't, and they don't make good roses, either.

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By novak on The Limitations of Eve Ensler's Dance-Based Activism

@chickpeas akimbo
Word, seriously. When I saw all the furore about it, I seriously wondered what dancing was actually supposed to accomplish, beyond awareness. (And then I felt bad for questioning a feminist campaign - bad feminist! Support the cause no matter what!) There are plenty of organisations pushing awareness at legislators and governments already. I like the Vagina Monologues a lot and I see its point and effect immediately. But One Billion Rising was too vague in its aims. The author noticed that its achievements seem to be similarly vague. No surprise to me, but I'm one of these cynical people who likes to see concrete results from a huge initiative like this.

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By Harris, Emmeline on The Limitations of Eve Ensler's Dance-Based Activism

You are a smart smart lady. I find what you say subtle, incisive and sceptical without being ungenerous. I too want to like EE and just feel uneasy. Specifically: as a feminist I of course want control of my vagina, and understand that tragically, appallingly, vaginas are sometimes where violence and inustice against women gets meted out. But I really don't like the positive version of this essentialism that says 'love your vagina: feel that it's your essence, it's *you*.' I love my vagina, it's great, but it's not me, it's just a part of me, and to suggest otherwise is insulting in its own way.

Also does anyone enjoy the fact that the spam on this article is about plumbing!? SOZ

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By chickpeas akimbo on The Limitations of Eve Ensler's Dance-Based Activism

I just... think this campaign is so boneheaded. How exactly does dancing turn into measurable change? By all means, dance if it makes you feel good, don't let me stand in your way, but let's not kid ourselves about this.

Also, to expand upon a point the author raised, Ensler did not take it well, to put it mildly, when it was pointed out to her that indigenous women in Canada have been marching in support of MMIW (missing and murdered indigenous women) on 2/14 for years now: http://chiefelk.tumblr.com/post/49527456060/an-open-letter-to-eve-ensler

In short, go home, Eve Ensler, you're drunk.

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By Apocalypstick on The Best Time a Diva Cup Suctioned Itself to My Cervix

@Kalorama_Kat Oh, bless.

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By Jen@twitter on The Best Time a Diva Cup Suctioned Itself to My Cervix

"Confidence does not equal competence." <- I suffer from this delusion OFTEN.

This is such a great story though!

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By bluewindgirl on The Gift of Small Predictions: January Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

Can we have this every month?

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By Hella on 917 People Who Are Hotter Than Benedict Cumberbatch

Excellent list! :) it didn't get really funny for me until about halfway through, and then the accumulating absurdity of the people listed had me laughing on the train. (PS: not a diehard BC fangirl, but I do enjoy watching him act)

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