On Wednesday Open Thread

Our HR Director just walked around and told us to leave at 4, yay!!

Also I just bought 2 rugs for $75 (black and white stripe for kitchen, grey and white striped runner for our long, skinny "sun room") and I'm so excited for them to come in the mail! I've been waiting and waiting to find the right rugs - they're like the last two things I needed to finish up our apartment!

Also also a work update: My auction that opened last Friday is ROCKING (knock on wood) - we're almost at 60% of our total goal and we're not really expecting bidding to pick up until this weekend (it ends Monday). Yeah!

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On Wednesday Open Thread

@granny squares Wine and Rum Punch. My boyfriend and I are always responsible for the booze!

Maybe a pie if I'm feeling crazy tomorrow morning.

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On Friday Open Thread

@planforamiracle Agh I'm jealous! My last boss was amazing (paying for training, bringing me to meetings, mentoring), but the second-in-command in our department was so awful that he gave me panic attacks. I took my current job out of desperation. Then two months after I left they fired the terrible guy and I miss my old job so much!!

I'm trying to find a way to do what I want in this position (since my title/job description are so vague) but man, is it hard! The Arts!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Onymous I'm glad to hear it!! Fingers crossed for no more swollen jaws in your future...

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On Friday Open Thread

@professionalmess Grown Up Clothes or gift cards to places that sell Grown Up Clothes.

Also replacement heads for my Clarisonic. Really gettin' crazy with the Christmas list this year, people. Watch out!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Tuna Surprise I loved Great Illustrated Classics when I was that age! They're basically condensed/more fun versions of classic novels that are easier for younger kids to read. I had tons of them when I was growing up and they also helped me when I was older and already knew the basic premise of all the books I had to read in middle/high school.


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On Friday Open Thread

@planforamiracle what is it with relaxed bosses and the arts? All I want to do is real work! Instead I spend about 75% of my day reading the hairpin, "doing grant research" and "looking busy"...

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On Friday Open Thread

@laurel @Roxanne Rholes THANK YOU!

#3 is my biggest problem re: apathetic boss. She's happy to just be doing the work she's doing and not making any new connections/try any new ways to get money. I'm just coming up on my one-year anniversary so I'm starting to get a little bolder, but still working on how to get around her disinterest...

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On Friday Open Thread

I AM SO EXCITED TODAY! I've been working on a fundraising auction since JULY and it kicked off this morning and we've already hit 23% of my goal and there are still 10 days left until it closes.

Also my boss approved me to go take a grant writing class in January and I am SO pumped. I want to be a grant writer so bad and we don't currently have one in our organization so I want to fill that gap. This was really unexpected because she's very nice but very apathetic and pretty much doesn't care what I'm doing all day as long as I "look busy". I'm making more of an effort to be proactive and it finally paid off!

Side note: Any grant writers here? I'd love any advice! Currently I'm a Development Project Coordinator for a regional Performing Arts Center. I've been taking it upon myself to write grants/do lots of research but I'd love some career advice from someone who actually does it.

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On The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

@mollpants what exactly IS a "rape game" look? Do I even want to know?Is this a Thing in the real world??

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