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@Rock and Roll Ken Doll My friend was changing her baby's diaper over the weekend, and it was a particularly full one and as she pulled it away, the baby smashed her foot down into the diaper full of poo and then kicked her leg, splattering my friend's face with poop. Her mouth WAS open.

So, yeah. Never had one of my dogs so that. :/

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On Friday Open Thread

@evil melis St. Louis! Upside: Low cost of living! Sort of a city! An arch! Some culture things! Downside: Crime! No ocean! Dating sucks!

(ETA: for comparison's sake...my I bedroom apt here is 1,000 sq ft, in a great neighborhood close to everything and $500/month!)

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On Friday Open Thread

@Trinette Magoon What's your square footage? A gallon of paint covers about 350 sq feet. Home Depot's website has a calculator thingie that will help you figure out how much you need. Very handy!

I've painted on and off as I have moved around, depending if the landlord would allow it or not. My last house I painted both the living room and my room, and neither took more than an afternoon (two coats and cleanup) and I did it all by my lonesome. Just get an edger and a roller and put on some jamz and go to town.

My apt these days is also a blah beige and I couldn't paint so I went the colorful decor route. It's just as cheery but does take longer to aquire.

I also did a few of these to fill some space quickly and add color. Cheap and easy to make and pretty adorable. (note: pic not of mine, ransom internets version)


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On Friday Open Thread

@TheLetterL I thought her part seemed a little incongruous...like certain aspects were drawn out (Warrior Princess) over others (her unrequited Marius love), making her two big songs not really fit, as they are all about the love.

Although, I was so distracted by how fucking insanely TINY her waist looked I probably could have missed some stuff that was happening with her.

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheLetterL It was fantastic and I CRIED SO HARD. It didn't help that I went with my mother who kept nudging me and hissing 'Are you crying?' She is clearly a heartless ice beast.

Agreed on Russell, but my expectations for him were so low I didn't really even pay him much mind.

But GAWD. Anne Hathaway. Usually she nettles me a bit but I was quite literally clasping my hands to my bosom and weeping whilst she was on screen. THE ENTIRE TIME. So so so so good.

Freckles McPerfectface was adorable as Marius, who, though quite obtuse, I've always loved.

And then there was my love Enjolras. Just look at those little passionate rebel eyes. I probably haven't made this my screen saver or anything.


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On Friday Open Thread

@lisma I took a George Costanza nap under my desk at lunch today. No lie. I just couldn't make it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee I agree with @ReginaSavage's savings plan as it encompasses a bit if both. I can speak a bit from the #2 side as well. I'm in nonprofit and adore my job, but the low-pay almost can sometimes then tip the scales into stressing me the fuck out in my personal life, which can negate all the positive feelings that my job can bring. I think what I've learned to strive for is a balance between the two (as in using option #1 to save up to pursue option #2) as much as you can manage.

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On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

@werewolfbarmitzvah SO! I just went down the Retin-A path for the first time, and bought a night cream at the store that contained it. Being an idiot/noob/non-reader of labels, I immediately slathered it over my whole face, including eye area as duh, that's where the lines I wanted to disappear laid. Aaaaand then disaster struck.

Apparently (according to my doc after I called her freaking the fuck out) some people with more sensitive skin have to build up a tolerance to Retin-A and it should not be put directly on the eye skin. This was discovered when about three days after beginning to use it, I awoke to the skin under my eyes red and scabbing off. Which wasn't exactly the look I was trying to achieve.

To correct, I had to use vaseline for about two weeks and then I had to switch in reg mosturizer four nights a week and only use Retin-A (which I switched to a prescription from my doc) every other night and not put it anywhere near my eyes.

It's all fine now, and I do feel like there is a noticeable difference in my skin from the Retin-A!

I guess the moral of this drawn out story is to beware and prob go through your doctor if trying it for the first time, as I imagine mine would have told me all of this prior to use. And I wouldn't have had to suffer through two weeks of crust-ball peepers.

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On Get This Look: Angela Lansbury

"Proving that one good turn, does not, in fact, deserve another, when this asshole was cursed for being so asshole-ish, Mrs. Potts and her boy-idiot Chip were cursed along with him."

I FUCKING DIE. My day is officially made...I'm out!

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On Texts From the American Girls

@fancyschmancy ARE YOU ME.

Srsly, this exact thing just happened to me and I thought the same thoughts and are we the same person.

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