By greyeminence on Ask Baba Yaga: Should I Make a Vision Board?

"so throw yr vision board back into its hell river"

Boy, do I plan on using this retort when anyone brings up "The Secret"-related claptrap.

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By royaljunk on Is Enya Feminist Enough?

@Tomato Nation@twitter


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By emdub on Internet Work and Invisible Labor: An Interview With Danielle Henderson

Once again, I hope you are planning on talking to some people who do the truly invisible labor that I mentioned last time I posted in response to your series. I'll repeat my post below.

Academia is pretty privileged, and I appreciate Danielle's admission of this.. I mean, when I was in grad school I was really fucking happy to get my tuition paid PLUS a stipend for teaching a class, which allowed me to focus on my work. Right now, I am part of the invisible labor, cranking away banner ads and only able to take 1 class a quarter while working full time to support myself and my kid, attempting to learn some relevant skills in UX because my MFA and adjunct teaching did not pay the bills required to be a single mom. So yeah, I understand her plight but I want to hear more about the people who are grinding out code who we never hear about but I work with everyday.

I was excited about this series when I read the title.. the idea invisible labor when it comes to the tech arena is fascinating to me, as I work in the field. But I tend to think of invisible labor as the stuff that is not as gratifying as content production. Content production is the fun part, it's the dream job, but admittedly is way underpaid. But I hope you touch upon the REALLY invisible labor- the stuff that does not have bylines, like user experience, coding, and systems that use massively crowd-sourced labor like the people who are paid 5 cents per task on Mechanical Turk or development outsourcing sites such as Odesk where you can hire a faceless developer for $50 to build your website, or the building on the Google campus where largely african american people do the truly invisible labor of scanning books, page by page, for minimum wage, or sites such as Fivrr where you can get a person from africa to dance around with a sign with your logo on it for $5. These are the tasks that are thankless, and pay very little-- this is what I think of when I think of invisible labor in tech.

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By Hella on Spite Houses, Ranked by Spite-ness

These are all bigger than my (non-spite) apartment...

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By bureaucrab on Spite Houses, Ranked by Spite-ness

"Excuse me, I'd like to return this jacket."

"Certainly. May I ask why?"

"For spite."

First thing that came to me. :D

Echoing others that I could not imagine committing to the time/effort/expense of building a spite house. However, I live in a rowhouse, and I can't stand my neighbors to one side, so I can take the easy road and simply consider my house to be a spiteful imposition on theirs. I'm blocking their view, yeah, that's it!

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By Brunhilde on Spite Houses, Ranked by Spite-ness

"The marriage was built to last but the house was built too small"

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By Julie the T on Spite Houses, Ranked by Spite-ness

This is great! Though I should point out, re: the point about "just windows in front and back" on the Hollensbury spite house - this is every row house that's not on the end of the row, in every city that has them (Philly, Baltimore, etc.) So that part's just the quirky nature of rowhouses, not something inherently spiteful about that particular design.

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By The Lady of Shalott on Spite Houses, Ranked by Spite-ness

I have been angry--very angry indeed sometimes--and the thought of designing and building a house best suited for Flat Stanley still makes me cower and gawk at that level of rage.

cutting that side of the house off from sunlight, fresh air, and anything that isn’t a very angry brother going “THIS IS YOUR FAULT, YOU JACKASS.” Presumably. I think that's 100% correct. 100%.

More of this please!!!

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By TheLetterL on Pass the Cranberry Chodes: Christmas, According to a December 1951 Copy of Woman's Day

It's only a matter of time before the guest soap craft turns up on Pinterest, but our generation will put it in a mason jar.

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By chickpeas akimbo on Wednesday Open Thread

@polka dots vs stripes The day I realized, wait a minute, I'm adult, I don't have to do this crap that I fucking hate... it was a great day. Highly recommended course of action for misanthropes and curmudgeons.

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