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@parsley Next gen Storm...

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Storm was like the Beyonce of her time...

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@adorable-eggplant Yep! X-men as a girl kid!

And Storm was the *most amazing* badass --longtime member and sometimes leader of the X-men.Tbh, it kind of hurt me to see the role played by Halle Berry, who's always seemed more "victimey" in her roles (and strong thru overcoming her victimhood), and she didn't nearly go against type enough to embody the Mega-Powerful Storm, who figured pretty prominently, I think, in my subconscious/unconscious little-girl development.

Storm was a former tough street kid, former princess, who's princess mom married a hip, american (princess-marrying) photojournalist, and then they all lived in Harlem (you know they were some super cool kids, and Storm was raised in this environment, in her early years), and then they all moved to Cairo (because, badass internationally-trekking photojournalist dad), where Storm was orphaned after a tragedy and she had to fend for herself, before being worshiped as a straight-up goddess for her powers. [I did not have all of these fictional character facts, thanks wikipedia, for even the most random info!]

That's a pretty strong & very fierce character to take on/embody.

I was trying to think... "who else would've been better?" and the first lady who came to mind was Angela Basset and I checked on a forum for other suggestions and that was the only one listed! But then I saw this.....

calling for Twentieth Century Fox to replace Halle Berry with Lupita Nyong’o " ...OMG that would be amazing!!! This is apparently a grassroots fan request for casting.

Even jada pinket smith would have been great for the role. (Oops, it looks like both Ms. Bassett and Jada turned the roles down, from looking online just now!?) Angel Haze, if she had any acting proclivities, might've been awesome but I know she was still a kid when the first movie came out. I'm just saying, this is far more than I've nerded out over something besides, like, social sciences/etc., but this X-men thing was a big disappointment for me in terms of Storm, a character I think I really identified with as a Women Can Totally Be Leaders Of Boys, NBD-of-course-they-can (duh) when I was a girl kid.

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I feel like this is a conversation that could go on and on, because of exactly everything that Vanessa mentions in her piece, as well as all of the preconceived notions that go along with not only race and beauty, but also celebrity, and how all three are unfortunately connected in such a twisted way.
I do, however, want to say that I'm glad that at the very least, this doesn't seem to be applying to Lupita Nyong'o at the moment, because I think we can all agree that she's basically everything that we would want out of a movie star. She's beautiful, talented, has impeccable style, so graceful and composed, and seems to be so intelligent. So, like, I can't even imagine someone like her NOT being famous and successful. I know that there are so many more factors at play, but she is proof - in person - that everything Vanessa discusses is awfully unfair.

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(Thanks for getting rid of that awful racism-denial comment! Much appreciated, eds.)

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"Representation matters. Diverse representation will change our cultural climate, removing the stigma of Otherness." I think that's very, very true. I was listening to a TED talk by Sana Amanat, who's on the Ms Marvel team, and she talked about representation in comics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9lev9739zQ (plus, I also remember how meaningful it was to me as a little to see powerful female x-men, like Rogue and Storm interacting on equal footing with the other x-men).

Great article all around, though. Lots to think about re: commodity culture and the quality of certain types of representation.

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I'm paraphrasing here, but as Jesus once said, go and be a pigturd no more.
I didn't accuse you of loving rape and kiddy porn. I said I find looking at these pictures simply a degree removed from looking at rape and kiddy porn.

If one has the need to look at some naked photos, go forth and find naked photos ethically produced by consenting adults who know and are ok with their naked images being out there.

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By Jazmine on Animal Surprise: The See-Through


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@TheGenYgirl "I'm not saying there isn't ever a call for this sort of dialogue or language, "

I believe this is the call.

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@Poubelle Pigs are the best, seriously. Beetnemesis is the worst.

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