By Emma Carmichael on Interview With My Mom, One Who Stayed Home

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By par_parenthese on The "Real Thing" of Women's Writing: A Note for Stephen Marche

I know nothing about any of the people or works mentioned in this article and yet I find myself agreeing with all of it? THE POWER OF WORDS. (Also that business about unexamined sexuality? D-DAMN. Pls to put on many billboards.)

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By leonstj on The "Real Thing" of Women's Writing: A Note for Stephen Marche

Thanks so much for not only a great piece, but for highlighting a few new novels by women which you would recommend as well.

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By bouncy castle on Ciara, "Body Party (Remix)"

YES. a Kelly Rowland track, an entire header tag dedicated to Lauryn Hill, and now this? bless you Emma. bless your 24-hour-old editor heart.

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By Pheen on Ciara, "Body Party (Remix)"

yesss emma, keep doing these female-drive r&b posts

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By juksie on Kelly Rowland, "Dirty Laundry"

That "Poor Michelle" blog could honestly be renamed "Tina Hates Michelle," because she really did have the worst clothes for every big performance.

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By sintaxis on My Brother, My Mother, and a Call Girl

@S. Elizabeth Yeah, we don't know anything about Monique. Is she willingly in sex work? If she could make enough money doing other work, would she choose prostitution? Would she choose different clients? Jay negotiated the "fee", so does the family even know if she was fairly compensated? Is Jay pimping or taking a cut of money to hire prostitutes/sex workers for the families/disabled people he knows? I mean, jfc, sex is not a physical NEED. No one dies from not experiencing sex, and it is not a right that all men/people "deserve". If we knew more about Monique, maybe this wouldn't be so creepy.

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By on My Brother, My Mother, and a Call Girl

I am not sure how I feel about this, but I am pretty sure I'm not feeling very nice about it. I think my feelings have less to do with motherly love and disability, and more to do with how deeply uncomfortable I am with the idea of hiring a human being to have sex with your son, without asking him first, and doing it because you think he needs the experience.

I found some of the reactions to this piece really unsettling, since I read the whole thing through and thought BOUNDARIES and also "Monique is a human being who doesn't exist for the sole purpose of giving other people pleasure."

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By 4and20blkbirds on Men I Might Regret Sleeping With Were It Not for the Music They Introduced Me To

My ex listened to The Grateful Dead EXCLUSIVELY. I do not share his obsession.

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By causedbycomma on My So-Called Post-Feminist Life

File under "things I did not want to know about, ever, but am glad that I do know about them, becuase they are a constant reminder of how horrible society is." SHUTTERBABE?

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