On Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

this is soooo policymic

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On Miguel ft. Wale, "Bennie and the Jets" (Elton John Cover)


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On The Best Time My Sister and I Got Kicked Out of Rugged Sleepaway Camp

@frenz.lo my dear friend was 'that guy' on our high school model congress trip, when he only packed one suit. FOR THE ENTIRE FOUR DAYS.

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On Three Years of Gchats Trying to Convince My Best Friend to Like Drake

crew love, y'all

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On Teaching Trayvon

@S. Elizabeth

are you talking about choosing to the bring the murder 2 charge? i don't know these legal intricacies like you do, but isn't that less the prosecutor's fault than the fact that we live in a society where a murder 2 conviction (or manslaughter) for a black teenage victim doesn't seem possible?

sincere question, by the way.

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On Ariana Grande ft. Fabolous, "The Way (Remix)"


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On Parliamentary Inquiry: When Do I Drop the Mic

It's awful that Texan women had to go through all this bullshit to kill this bill, but I can't think of a better symbolic victory when Leticia van de putte called out all those men for ignoring her motion, and a split second after the gallery shouting down all that procedural fuckery.

Like I would've been happy if senator Watson had been able to run down the clock himself. But it was perfect that a woman and the group behind her dealt the final blow.

And I haven't gotten to how heroic Wendy Davis was last night.

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On The "Real Thing" of Women's Writing: A Note for Stephen Marche

@leon s by women of color, no less!

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On All Analyze the Queen

@YoungLeafedJune in the context of the article, women have been calling out beyonce for so-called anti-feminist stuff that she does and ignoring the other, empowering actions and qualities. also, the article points out the "anti-feminist" stuff that beyonce does may take another perspective when you consider her race as well. i don't think this particular critique takes the "shut up for people won't think we're cool" stance.

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On Ciara, "Body Party (Remix)"

yesss emma, keep doing these female-drive r&b posts

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