On Ask a Clean Person: Holiday Disasters 2012

@Ophelia It's a good suggestion, but unfortunately, I already tried boiling water! The stain was just too stubborn. Sigh.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Holiday Disasters 2012

@Scandyhoovian I did put my antique linen tablecloth on the table...and it promptly acquired a dried, set-in tea stain. (I didn't notice the spill until days later.) I've tried a bunch of things so far (hot water, vinegar, baking soda, soaking, cold water) and so far no dice. I don't live in a country where we have Cascade, but I will try to supplement. If anyone else (or Jolie) has any suggestions, I would welcome them. I mourn my beautiful tablecloth!

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On Assumptions

I logged in just so I could press "like" to all the many anxieties I also share! I had no idea that reading about other people who share my particular, ridiculous fears would feel so very good.

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On On Quickie Weddings and Frustrating Fantasies

@well, then I'm a lurker here, but I had to chime in because I thought you explained yourself very well and I don't want you to feel too discouraged. Essentially, I agree with the people above who have said that this is both a normal and a totally achievable thing to want when you are in a sexual relationship with someone.

I am by many -- maybe most -- people's standards an ugly woman. Many -- probably most -- people wouldn't want to have sex with me. Nonetheless, I have experienced the kind of emotional and sexual experience you're talking about -- feeling totally desired by my partner -- many times! I think feeling proud to be with your partner is an integral part of wanting to be with someone. If someone _isn't_ proud of being with you most of the time then why are they with you? Don't give up, and don't think you're responsible for these lackluster emotional experiences. While not every sexual encounter will be emotionally fulfilling, it is both reasonable and possible that many will be, and if you're consistently encountering partners who don't seem enthusiastic and appreciative, then I think you're consistently encountering jerks!

One piece of advice I can give you is to date/sleep with feminists, if possible. I've found a pretty significant overlap between people who actually like women and people who actually like me (and having sex with me). So, in short, I don't think the problem is you, and you deserve to sleep with people who are delighted to sleep with you too.

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On Sixth Senses, Approachability, and the Penniless Nomad Actors

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On The First Sandra Lee: Poppy Cannon and Her Can-Opener Cuisine

@figwiggin !Impossible Taco Pie! I am a little obsessed with Impossible Pies recently, and it seems the internet concurs with me, as they keep popping up everywhere!

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On Modern Truth or Dare

@Inconceivable! I signed in just so I could like this comment. I like this comment a whole lot.

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On Ask a Married Dude: Bob and Eli

@ilikemints @selkie86 @nice_belt I am another only mildly creepy lurker who is Not This Letter Writer and who is always too late to comment! It is just that All of the prime lurking spots are already taken. And time zones!

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