On The Spinsterhood Pie

@angelinha I hate to tell you of the solution, but I will: get a bucket. An emergency bucket.

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On For Your Next Island Getaway

@dale aka the only scary episode of that show. I mean, obviously they totally stole the idea, but they did a pretty good job with it.

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On Reading Between the Texts: Is THIS Flirting?

@rosinator @karenb But what do you do when they respond to your flirting and try to make something happen? Isn't that, like, a pain? I deal with enough sexist bullshit otherwise, I'd hate to have a guy be like, "but you were all over me! Why would you lead me on?" And then be mad and then have me be mad at him being mad. I'm probably overthinking this but, guh, feeeelllings.

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On Reading Between the Texts: Is THIS Flirting?

I basically completely stopped flirting because I had no interest in dating for a long time, and also guys I knew would still hit on me, so I sort of felt like, well, what's the point? But now I sort of miss it? Like that article from The Atlantic that was linked here last week, about how no men are charming, and I feel like I totally bought into the idea that charm didn't matter, but now it feels so absent and life's a little boring.

But how do you suddenly go from never flirting, to flirting for fun, or maybe being a bit sexy for fun, without everyone thinking you're suddenly interested in bedding them? It's like, impossible, right?

I just wanna do me without anyone thinking I wanna do them.

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm really glad everyone on that show figured out Nick Miller is the funniest character. And it all seems very improv-y to me, in a good way, which makes it even more fun to watch.

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On Your Friday Book-y Post

@MissMushkila I just got it from the library and read it and loved it and lent it to my mom -- hearing her laugh out loud at it made me feel pretty happy. It's a great story. I just put her other book on hold, too, and hope I enjoy it as much.

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On Close-Reading a Controversial List

@packedsuitcase I just read that all the bacteria in and on your body usually weighs around 3 lbs. Luv u, bleachie! Now what about the other 7...

ETA: It also appears he plans to go Medieval on Your Abs, which sounds 1) painful and 2) like something I'd kiiiinda like to see?

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On Potential Future Content

@formergr But what about underboob?!

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On New Old Wives' Tales

Strawberries and raspberries are only the same thing in Italian Soda form. And maybe cheap body wash form.

Sub one for the other in a smoothie and THINGS GO WRONG

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On Hiking the Tetons

@LaLoba It doesn't make sense to you that a woman alone for days in a desolate environment might feel concerned for her safety because other humans can be dangerous? I think human to human violence is likely to occur wherever violent humans are, and when a violent human sees an opportunity, they'll take it. I don't know why this isn't valid to you or at least something with which you can empathize.

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