On Friday Open Thread

@lasso tabasco Congrats on quitting! You can do it! I mean, if you can take a sneaky selfie with Peter Dinklage, you can do ANYTHING. (Because you are obviously living my dreams.)

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On Shame the Children

@The Wub Somehow, when I first saw a summary of this story a few days ago, I thought the story was that the dad had made himself some jorts in solidarity to support his daughter's right to short shorts when his wife was trying to make her change. Still a weird family dynamic when I think back on it, but I like my version better.

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On The Sexual History of Jared Sabbagh, Part 3

@Myrtle See, that's interesting to me, because that's not how I experienced this. Sure, Jared's way more extreme than I ever will be, but I've always been very sexual (in the "masturbating so early I can't remember when I started" way - I didn't actually start having sex with partners until I was almost out of my teens). I can identify with a lot of the motivations if not the acts, and reading Jared's story helps me put my own in a context where my own desires to have a lot of sex doesn't feel so freakish. (And yeah, it really reinforced my desire to be as safe as possible while doing it.) So as a woman, I appreciated this being posted on a women's website.

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On Your Breakfast Has Been Lying to You

@avocadosandwich When I'm feeling REALLY fancy, I put an avocado on my morning bagel and cream cheese, so I can vouch that it is indeed the most delicious of combos.

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On Friday Open Thread

@nina! Ahh you took a wistful fantasy of mine and made it REAL! Thank you! I'll be checking that all the time.

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On Friday Open Thread

@A. Louise Perfect time for boots! After Labor Day my city went full on fall and is all rainy and grey, and I'm loving it (for now). Just really glad I have an excuse to swaddle my whole body in cloud-soft clothing (I am a recent convert to maxi skirts) and wear a big ass scarf again. That also means that I keep subconsciously playing with said big ass scarf and occasionally end up with it wrapped entirely around my head and face, but luckily my office has no real standards of professional conduct.

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On Eradicate Your Resting Bitchface with a $2000 "Valentine Anguloplasty"

@bowtiesarecool Don't know why I decided to Google image search instead of Wikipedia (and then follow that trail to the Black Dahlia). I have seen things I can't unsee.

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On I Don't Care, I Can't Stop, and I Love It: Miley Cyrus and Ironic Decadence

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Just a quick side note: if you like Mary Lambert's chorus on "Same Love," check out her video for "She Keeps Me Warm". It's adorable and authentically queer and makes me very, very happy.

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On The Cheap Wine Report

@A. Louise That's the kind of Pintrest project I could get behind.

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On Nicki Minaj Murdered You On Your Own Shit: The Guest Verse as Social Justice

@pajamaralls I'm not a huge hip-hop fan but Hairpin pieces like this make me want to be. I mostly know her from Starships and Superbass, so I never thought she was that interesting, but I'm reconsidering that now.

Gonna go listen to all the tracks listed here and expand my Nicki Minaj horizons!

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