On How to Live With Your Mother When You're 37, Childless and Unemployed

I'm originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana! Brilliant piece, eerily familiar.

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On April Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

FINALLY!! And thank GOD everything's going to be okay.

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On Interview With My Mom, Who Never Had a Single Moms Club

Thanks for this! 'You get to make all the decisions, but having said that, you don’t always know if you’ve made the right decision.' This is so true for me as a single parent. I have a supportive, equally contributing ex-partner who certainly helps with the big kid-related questions, but in my own individual and day-to-day life, having to make all the decisions can be tough. I suppose that's true for singlehood in general though, with or without children.

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On Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Zadie Smith in Conversation

My book club is reading Americanah for next month. I was thinking of skipping because it's long and I'm SO busy (with my academia job!), but this changed my mind.

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On The Yoga-Juice Continuum

@Chareth Cutestory I'm right around side crow with my Breville, though I broke my arm last month and worry that I'll never actually do side crow again. Keepin it real now with mountain pose (which is basically just standing).

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On 20 Songs by Women that Will Turn 20 in 2014

@Brunhilde Same.

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On The Single Woman Need Not Be Eternally Panic-Stricken: An Interview With Sara Eckel

'You seem lighter than other people.' That is an amazing way to describe someone, and exactly the kind of person I aspire to be. These thoughts express a lot of the feelings I've had since my divorce at age 30. I'm getting the book right away!

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On "The truth is, the ten or twenty minutes I was somebody’s mother were black magic": Ariel Levy's "Thanksgiving in Mongolia"

Oh, oh my. I need to hug my kid. Last night I broke up with a boyfriend, this morning my grandfather died, and this was the thing that finally made me cry. So beautifully heartbreaking and honest. I'm reading it over and over again. Thanks for posting this.

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On 5 Conversations Resulting From the Scene In The Counselor Involving Cameron Diaz's Vagina

@Ellie I could sort of do it as a kid, but when I started practicing yoga a few years ago I was far from being able to get my legs down. I worked on it for a few months and I can finally do it pretty comfortably after some warming up. Keep practicing-- it feels great to feel those thighs touch down for the first time!

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On Vintage T-Shirts Are Not Made In a Day

@JustTheTips No, it's for real! I've done it in lab before and it's legit, although I really have no idea if you can cook it at home. Maybe I should have my students all try it at home for different temperatures and times and then we can bring it into the lab and analyze it. Maybe it'll become a pinterest-inspired publication and it'll help me get tenure!

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