On What’s the Color of Your Existential Abyss?

@Lisa Frank YES. Exactly.

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On A Letter To My Aunties

Thank you for writing this piece. For putting into words everything that I struggle with on a daily basis. As an unmarried woman, of a certain age, who lives alone, the aunties tell my grandmother that I am going to be a forever loner because I dont fit into their "norm." I'd rather be happy. Or more aptly, be on my personal path for happiness (even if some days are harder than others).

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On The Best Time I Did Yoga With Someone From Friday Night Lights

I read this article the first time around before I had seen FNL, and enjoyed it then. But now that Im 4 seasons in I'm squeeing at every line in article. I *think* I would have been able to keep my composure but I would have been shattered if he didnt give me that shy, sweet smile.

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On Go Read Alice: The History of the Diary Novel

@aluapaluap Oooh, can you tell me more about it?

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On The Lost Art of Dress: A Conversation with Historian Linda Przybyszewski

@harebell Agreed! I bought a 1950's (maybe earlier?) day dress from a vintage store and am so in love with the cut and style. I want to wear it all the time!

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On Mysteries of Adulthood

@myeviltwin Yes, exactly. Its always made me feel squicky inside, but this description is spot on.

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On A Poem a Day for National Poetry Month: "Tim Riggins Speaks of Waterfalls"

@j-i-a Please and thank you!

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On The Madewell Museum of Human Curiosities, Year 2143

Ha, love this. But seriously, why are Madewell's clothes not well made? Or do you have to be completely flat chested for the tops to sit correctly?

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On Missed Connection - m4m


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On Seven Months Alone in South America

@klpencil Thank you! Good luck to you!

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