On "The tragedy of Obama's presidency is that he's too much of a Ravenclaw and not enough of a Gryffindor."

@HMSBeagle Mine too. Not agressive, just likes to eat.

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On The Inspirational Poster Pie

Dramatic march/dancing to The Proclaimers' I'm Gonna Be (and pretending like it's with David Tennant from that one video....)

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On What Happens When [Partner A] Says 'More' and [Partner B] Says 'No'

@parallel-lines I'm so sorry!! I'm on drugs that kill my libido too. The irony is mine is a birth control pill. It's like it's trying for extra credit in pregnancy prevention...but I don't have much to say, just that I feel for you.

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On Living With Mad Dogs and Englishmen

@C_Webb Yeah that was my take on the book, that in her writing style which is nice but still.

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On Friday Open Thread

Hey DC pinners! I'm going to be in the area next month between the 7th and the 13th. Anything going on?

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On Get It, Girl

@iceberg Yeah my mom's version of the talk was, "I'm not going to give you details because you go to *insert name of public school she worked at/I attended*, if you don't know already you'll figure it out. But just know that if you think a condom and the pill will stop a pregnancy, if that were true, you wouldn't have sisters. Also giving birth is like being constipated with a watermelon. So don't try it." P.S. I freakin love that woman.

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On April 16

mentalfloss.com has a list every month of "Offbeat Holidays to Celebrate", in case you're interested in these holidays. Tomorrow is Haiku Day and Saturday is Lima Bean Respect Day.

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On April 16

@Lily Rowan Yeahhhh awareness events. Super frustrating for anyone concerned with bringing about actual change AND YET generally more fun /inviting/less-commitment then actual change which means other people will actually participate....and yeah, Toms, you said it perfectly :)

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On My So-Called Post-Feminist Life

@TheBourneApproximation Oh hello let's be friends! Me freakin too. Are you following Anita Sarkeesian's video game series?

ALSO on the sexism in science and tech things that piss me off (everything). Don't you love when a man says something to you along the lines of "And now that there are women programmers" or "We used to just do that before there were women in labs" WE'VE BEEN HERE THE WHOLE TIME! Yes please notify Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper that NOW when are in computing. Sorry...that just happened to me ...recently...

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On My So-Called Post-Feminist Life

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