On Beauty Q&A: Do You Smell What I Smell?

@wearitcounts oh i agree, i'm just saying size doesn't really matter. there are people at all points on the size spectrum who are gonna look great in them, and people at all points that won't

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On Beauty Q&A: Do You Smell What I Smell?

@Beatrix Kiddo i don't know why, but stretchy jeans just do NOT work for me. skinny or otherwise. i find them incredibly uncomfortable and they are super unflattering for me. but nowadays it is practically impossible to find non-stretch jeans....i went to a fucking levi's store and they didn't have any women's jeans without spandex in them. sigh.

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On Beauty Q&A: Do You Smell What I Smell?

@FromTheFuture I would totally say that your overall body shape/proportions matter more in terms of whether skinny jeans work for you than size.

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On Ask a Clean Person: 'Pits, Revisited

ok, I have sort of the opposite problem...I don't have any real issues with BODY sweat, but my HEAD sweats like crazy. I've tried cutting my hair short so that there isn't as much "insulation" on there, but that doesn't help. It's actually better for it to be long, so it takes a while before it gets soaked through. When I exercise I wear sweatbands/bandannas/headbands and soak through them pretty much immediately, and if I go to a concert or out dancing I'm gonna be drenched 15 minutes in.

can you get botox in your scalp? any other suggestions for this?

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On Secret Weddings, Self-Googling, and the Unfriend

@redheadedandcrazy having also been on the receiving end of this kind of thing, for reasons I still can't figure out, I would say that the small group outings do also sort of start to add up as well =(

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On Secret Weddings, Self-Googling, and the Unfriend

@werewolfbarmitzvah My husband and I got engaged when I got a job across the country, and it obviously made financial sense for us to be legally married sooner than later for benefits purposes. However, we both really wanted to have a wedding celebration with lots of friends and family, so what we did was start planning the big celebration for a bit over a year away, and then we went to the courthouse and did the legal part of it on the same date. No family was able to be there, just a couple of good friends who were also getting married soon and understood the whole situation. We didn't hide this fact from anyone, it was just sort of an open secret...if anyone asked, we told them, if they didn't ask, they didn't know. Nobody got upset about it, and we had an excellent turnout at the wedding itself, including among people who travelled a pretty good distance.

This worked out really well for us in certain ways, notably that my husband had health insurance for a year that he wouldn't have otherwise had, and it also allowed us to have the secular ceremony that we wanted for the legal marriage, and then a slightly more religious ceremony that made my parents happy. A friend of ours who is a Unitarian minister used a ceremony called "blessing of a civil marriage," which was nice and I believe is also what would be used at a gay commitment ceremony. And doing it on the same date means we don't have multiple anniversaries to remember, although I can see some people liking the idea of having a "bonus" anniversary.

In short, I say if you want to get married, go for it, and don't necessarily hide it from anyone unless you know they would have a huge problem with it (great aunt sally or your weirdly religious coworker, whoever), but you also don't need to hang a sign or send a mass email that says "we've really been married for a while, this is just an excuse to party." For us, the legal aspects of it were obviously important and serious, but the celebration with friends and family is what counted.

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