On Be the Change, Jerks

@Frisky@twitter I find it worse when I get to a place on time and the staff seats me at a huge table before anyone from my party gets there. I look like a total ass and the restaurant is wasting a table.

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On The Agonizing Ecstasies of Male Contraception

@deepomega Agreed

Where are these men unwilling to have this done to them and who are the women dating them?

As Vanilla Ice once said, "You need to drop the zero and get with the hero."

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On Rye Rye's "Boom Boom" Video Video

@boysplz Wait. All of you are writing as if the Vengaboys are only available to us in the past tense.

*Hides spotify mix with two vengaboys songs on it*

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On Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, "Candy Candy"

@thisisunclear Exactly. The guy dancing in the creepy mask (because no Japanese women can pop and lock?) was getting me there, but the onion really won me over in the end.

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On Miryo, "Dirty"

The rare, possibly endangered, double bird.

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On Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: Puritan Edition

This restores in me the faith that a very nice woman will someday allow me to entertain the idea of naming a child, Macon The Rounds.

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On Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: Civil War General Edition

Tecumseh Beauregard doesn't even warrant a mention?

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On Jessica vs. the Steelers

@Bebe Awww. You know, there are sales on towels all the time.

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On "Don’t cultivate a 'bicycle face.'"

@a5ouncebird I like to think it means don't fall like your brother. Brothers are jackasses. I say this as a brother whose sisters have taken this advice to heart. I fall all the time, they never seem to fall.

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On Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, "Tsukematsukeru"

I told Gaga a thousand times, she needs dancing lions. Does she listen? No, she wears a meat dress.

Japan's lost generation > Generation Y

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