On Short Lists

@MoonBat No. Sorry. I'm not sure what she meant by "works better," but as far as emotional stability goes, the heavy hitters are the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Flaxseed oil, while probably super healthy etc, contains no DHA or EPA. It does contain ALA, which is helpful, but unless you're a strict vegan, for mood problems, fish oil is superior.

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On Short Lists

@sox Apparently the trick to no fish burps is to look for "molecularly distilled" on the label. If it's not there, it means the fish oil was purified in another, lazier way (the internet says 'oil refinement') and there will be lingering fishiness. The molecularly distilled stuff has worked great for me. It can be slightly more expensive but if you shop around online you can find it for almost the same price. Also (I take this stuff on doctor's orders for horrible depression, so I'm something of an unwilling fish oil enthusiast) anyway ALSO if you still have a bunch of the fishy pills keep them in the freezer. Although it's harder to remember to take them when they're hidden in there, when you take them frozen they don't completely thaw into fishiness until they're in your intestines, where it's too late to cause burps. This has been your fish oil recommendations from a stranger.

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On My Fave Two

@Third Wave Housewife Sometimes moms are just angry at you for not being the young woman they envisioned when you were a baby? I dunno, mine is slowly coming around to the fact that I'm not the shiny-haired law student she expected, but still a person who is her daughter. I see light at the tunnel, for me, and probably for you too!

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On My Fave Two

I'm definitely failing my mother.

(In many regards, but at the moment, in this.)

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On The Best Time I Got Hearing Aids at Age 32

@Alixana Haha yes, I have located sounds by turning very slowly in a circle, but that's not a strategy it's always convenient to employ.

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On The Best Time I Got Hearing Aids at Age 32

@Alixana Wait! You're deaf in one ear but you can locate sound? I can't at all. My audiologist said you need both ears to know where a sound is coming from because your brain judges the location of the sound by how loud it is in each ear-- like how you need both eyes to have depth perception. Do you find that not to be the case?

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On Arachnauts

They were never the same after they came back down. And soon it was all of them. They taught each other, and before long we could barely remember what they were like before. It was hard to believe there was once a time when you could see one and not feel that hum in the back of your mind that meant they were looking back at you-- watching you. A single nest can hatch over two thousand spiders.

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On Daughters! What Are You Gonna Do

@Lily Rowan The depressing answer to this, according to the Vogue excerpt I read, is that the little girl's brother was being fed separate, non-diet food at every meal. So the cupcakes were probably for the brother.

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On Nicole Cliffe, What's in Your Bag?

@Nicole Cliffe I'm not judging, but isn't smoking much more dangerous if conducted at a gas station? Or does the threat of imminent death by explosion make the cigarette even frissonier?

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On Really Good Books About Fake Murder

But nobody has mentioned Reginald Hill? How can this be? Dalziel and Pascoe are so great, y'all! And AND, unlike certain of these long-standing detective series, the D&P books don't peter out into repetition as they go along; the recent ones are even better and spookier and more thoughtful than the early ones.

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