On The Most Portentous Moments in "Accidents in North American Mountaineering 2012"

Yesterday I read your norovirus post and thought, "My God, that sounds terrible. Poor Nicole." Today I'm reading this in my pajamas, in the fetal position, home from work after spending half of last night in the bathroom. If I'm found at the bottom of a mountain tomorrow, expect a strongly worded note.

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On Eight Days Alone In: London

Maybe my favorite thing about the Hairpin is that it's run by someone who shares my devotion to deviled eggs.

But, also, you found a ring that fit on your left ring finger but not your right ring finger??

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On Yogurt for Lunch

Oh no, you missed one! In the last sentence. (Also, I had plain Greek yogurt with blackberry jam for breakfast, and it was amazing.)

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On Memorable Last Calls

@the angry little raincloud The near-universal laid-back attitude towards Klonopin (and other benzos) is so insane to me. "It's like the most addictive thing you can be prescribed, hahaha! So fun!" --Everyone.

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On What Happens When You Serve as an Alternate Juror

@Vicky Johnson "...probably as healthy as you can get while still being an entire cake." AMAZING. That is the kind of diet advice I come to the Hairpin for.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: This Stuff Might Still Get to Your Mom in Time?

@Anji ...did you purchase those somewhere you can link to? They sound gorgeous and my mom is similarly uncooperative.

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On Amusingly Horrible Things I Have Said: The Bracket

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On Amusingly Horrible Things I Have Said: The Bracket

@Verity Possibly this is the horrible thing I'M going to say, but I'm deaf in one ear, and you were totally right. How dramatic to lead with "I have a disability." Please. Your boyfriend and I are never going to be SWAT officers, but I encounter no discrimination and essentially no challenges in life from my "disability."

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On Amusingly Horrible Things I Have Said: The Bracket

@Alixana Wow, that summons up a clear mental picture of Friend A, and it is not a flattering one.

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On Short Lists

@MoonBat Also vitamin D! And talking to friends and loved ones and professional therapists! Feel better!

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