On A to Z: Lesser-Known Hells

Argh, I am late to this game, but can we talk about Bulldog?! I thought perhaps that was a thing only played at my own school (Cambridgeshire). Nobody else I know, British or American has known what I'm talking about with the terror of a small 5-year old getting trampled on the playground.

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On How to Enter Parties

@E Please: everyone must scroll down through those pics to find the one where Julius is wearing the "fez". It makes it all worthwhile. Also *spoiler* it's hard to be afraid of a python with a pasty on its head.

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On The Craving: One Woman's Salty Confession

@area@twitter Nooooooo! As a transplant I am frankly terrified by the red snappers, and therefore disappointed when I want a dog and then learn they're red.

Don't even start on the folded-over bread thing. Don't.

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On 'Pin Picks: Baker's Dozen, or Lucky Number 13

Cold Comfort Farm! Yessssssss. I am incoherent with pleasure that you recommended it. My life would be missing so many useful phrases if not for this book.

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On What Will They Name It

@teaandcakeordeath Well, considering that the future child's father is named William, I can't imagine a name that would abbreviate to a more embarrassing nickname for a British child. I remember as a 5-year-old torturing a William in our class (Willie is the nearest thing to a swear we knew), and wondering what his royal parents were thinking giving him that name.

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On What Will They Name It

@LacunaKale Her decorating highness! I found that recorded off of tv on a vhs is my parents' basement last year. Why don't they release an Animaniacs box set?

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On The Ruthlessometer

@allofthewine yay! I came here to say that, too. And I often think the line to myself "You can't be a psychopath, you're too neurotic." and it's soothing.

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On Frequently Asked Questions About Tights

@special_boots I came here to say basically the same thing. Then I saw that 312 people had already weighed in, but you have said it best for me.

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On Friday Open Thread

@lisma Met my now husband of 4 years while in grad school abroad. Made it work for 3 years while we got closer, decided to get married, and planned all of the pain-in-the-ass visa stuff. It can totally work out. This was just at the start of skype, so we didn't use that, but lots of emailing, lots of phone calls. Just keeping each other up with our boring boring lives so it felt like we were together, sharing the same silly little stuff that we do on the commute home now. Kind of like what @wiscowhitney says. Just things that happened that day. Don't say "you don't know him/her/it so you don't care". Explain who that person/place/thing is, so you can talk about your life even when it's not big important events.

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On Jealousy Mutations and the 2.5 Days Game

@rimy Seconded over here. It happens, and you feel like a moron. 1st boyfriend (different colleges, same state) -- just a needy friend -- be cool and non-controlling -- we break up -- new girlfriend! -- pregnancy! -- marriage! Welp, that was unexpected, but fortunate.

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