On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

@purefog @amanda@twitter Thanks! And also, argh for the pickpocketing. I've been thinking about the Marais, since I'm more into the 'wandering pretty neighborhoods' than ticking off tourist sights. I also kind of want to follow Jesse and Celine's route through the city from Before Sunset :)

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

Perfect timing! I'm planning a trip this spring/summer. I have to go to England, and so want to take the Eurostar over for a few days. People who've been, how long do you recommend? I feel like, since I'm going all that way, I want to have enough time for strolling/reading/eating things and not feel rushed, but of course, the longer I stay, the more it costs. Would 3 or 4 days be best?

Also, I'm looking at Air B n B too, since hotel rooms are crazy expensive. Has anyone had a great experience with a specific apartment rental via the site? What areas would you recommend staying in for the perfect pinterest collage-type vacation?

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On Stay-at-Home Dads and the Confrontation-Averse

LW with the warring families.. how about marrying for real at city hall or somesuch, just you and your SO exchanging vows in a meaningful way, and then having the big staged event shitshow -- without any of the family knowing about the first wedding? The legal marriage part is the signing of the license, right? Everything else is window-dressing. Maybe if you know that the 'real' part of the wedding will be private and meaningful, you can be relaxed about all the family garbage, since it's just a big party celebration afterwards?

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On How Your Sweet Valley High Gets Made

There was a Christmas special Sweet Valley Twins where they woke up OLDER, like, in their 20s, and Elisabeth was working at a book packager, and pitched a series about TWINS! I was young, but I still relished the meta.

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On How to Use the Internet

Another trick is following the usernames. People rarely start from scratch with both an anonymous email address AND anonymous messageboard usernames, there's usually overlap from old accounts that were set up before people knew what they were getting into with this whole lack of privacy thing. So, the truly dedicated can google their way from an account that's publicly associated with X to one that's supposed to be their super-secret anonymous login.

For example, supersecretman32 on OKCupid may not give away any hints about his real identity on that site, but googling 'supersecretman' might take you to a post on a message board with the user email 'snookypookie@aol.com' which then if you google can take you to another post elsewhere (usually back in the dawn of the internet) which has been registered to davephilips@nyu.edu. FIRST NAME. SURNAME. SCHOOL. BOOM.

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