Jen Alien-Spouse@twitter

Jen Alien-Spouse@twitter

I am a British woman, who married an American academic and found herself moving from the depths of South London to 3000 feet up a mountain in North Carolina. I really miss Marks and Spencers.

On "Tens," Office Racism, and a Molehill


True - She's got tabs on herself for sure!

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On "Tens," Office Racism, and a Molehill


Exactly! This is one occaision where being an optimist really did screw me over, because I kept thinking that things would get better if I just tried that little bit harder and so I didn't keep any notes until it was obviously far too late.


Nice use of the tech there! Plus it looks less suspicious then suddenly whipping out a dossier and scribbling in it.

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On "Tens," Office Racism, and a Molehill


It is a hopeful sign that she is able to see that her previous behaviour was bad. To her credit in the letter LW4 doesn't white-wash her poor treatment of the ex and I think that it is far worse when someone is totally oblivious to their own cruelties, and doesn't get why there is tension.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Dorothy Dandridge vs. The World


In the right setting (Vertigo) then I can appreciate Grace Kelly's beauty and poise, and I'm not a huge Garland fan girl. It's more that that version of "A Star is Born" and Garland's performance are so perfectly matched.

That and JAMES MASON, I adore James Mason.
I love him in "Wicked Lady" where he is pure evil and even love him in nonsense like "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman"; but "A Star is Born"? The scene where he overhears Judy planning to give up her career for him? And he is writhing in pain from the guilt he feels? Oh! I start crying then and don't stop until about 45 minutes after the credits have rolled.

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On "Tens," Office Racism, and a Molehill

The advice to LW2 to document EVERYTHING relating to the problem is excellent advice for any number of bad work situations.

Today is my last day at a job which I feel quite strongly I was bullied into resigning from, and I wish I had actually documented all of the relevant incidents from the last six months - If not for use in a legal situation, then just for my own sanity!

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On How (Not) to Make Natural Dish Detergent


The worst of it with ours are glasses that have had fruit juice in them - They will look clean, until I'm half-way through drinking water out of them and then I'll notice a definite ring around the top. The only way to get rid of that ring that I've found is scouring it with baking soda and lemon juice.

We can't bring ourselves to stop using our current dishwasher though, I think because sometimes things do get clean, so it's like a game of crockery-related russian roulette we find ourselves compelled to play every evening.

We're actually about to move to an appartment that has no dishwasher and we are so fed up with the one we have now that we are quite looking forward to it.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Dorothy Dandridge vs. The World


For fun, let's just look at that short list again:

Dorothy Dandridge in "Carmen Jones"
Judy Garland in "A Star is Born"
Audrey Hepburn in "Sabrina"
Jane Wyman in "Magnificent Obsession"
Grace Kelly in "The Country Girl"

First of all I think it needs to be acknowledged that 1954 was a hell of a good year for women's roles in cinema, but then you read that Grace Kelly won for "The Country Girl"?!?!? That's insane!

How could they not give Mrs Norman Maine her damn Oscar? HOW? WTF Academy?

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On Engagement Stories, Cuddling, and Wonderful Boyfriends


You would have loved how I got engaged. One Sunday I was in the shower thinking about how spending my life with my boyfriend would be so much easier if we were married (because I'm British and he's American, so there are visas involved any way you slice it), I got out of the shower with this whole fantastic speech in my head, walked into the bedroom with sopping wet hair and a towel wrapped round me and said "I've been thinking that perhaps we should get married" to which boyfriend replied "Yeah, me too."

And that was that.

I wear my Great-Aunt Elf's WWII era engagement ring, so it's a very thin gold band with five diamonds. The stones are probably small by today's standards and the setting is quite old-fashioned but I love it!

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On Ask a Clean Person: What's Cookin'? Oh. Ew.


That is such a reasonable compromise and if the mouse couldn't accept those very humane terms of co-habitation, well, he was a bit of an arse and clearly deserved to die.

I have a similar blanket statement out to the earwigs of the world - Please live free and happy anywhere else that you choose, but if you come in my house I will have no choice but to kill you. I hate earwigs. It's the pincers.

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On The Best Time I Found Bits of Hair on a Shelf

@Jen Alien-Spouse@twitter

I forgot to say it was mousy brown hair, the trimmings were about an inch or so long and very straight - So we were pretty confident it was hair from someone's head.

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