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I'd like to just throw out there that there has been a lot of awesome Hairpin this week, and I look forward to catching up to all the good stuff I wanted to read but didn't have time to.

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By iceberg on Friday Open Thread

This week with the Bergy Bits

I spent a day at home sick with The Clown; silver lining, I got to jealously admire his inch-long eyelashes while he snored on the couch.

The girls got new boots, but we didn't find any for the Clown, only new sneakers. The next morning he wanted to wear The Quiet One's faux-fur-trimmed brown knee-high boots, and when refused, demnded tearfully "I go shops, get some boots", a sentiment that was repeated for several days.

Double-Stroller Conversation:
Diva: [Clown] take his shoes off inna car.
(peers over at him in seat next to her, declares) You sad last time.
Clown, in self-satisfied tones: I take shoes off. I did.
( that morning he had kicked up a fuss about going to school and angrily took his shoes off in protest.)

The Diva talking in her sleep: "Gimme gimme gimme GIMME!... Put it baaaack. Gimme!"

The Quiet One waking up at 3 in the morning demanding juice, then milk, then being taken out to the living room, then taking an irrational dislike to the clock on the wall - "Not that one! NOT THAT ONE!" she screamed, tiny finger pointed and shaking with rage, angry tears flying out of her eyes. I still don't know what her beef with the clock was.

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By turnipgreens on Pope Francis Kissing the Disfigured Man

@harebell Someone in my family has NF. They don't have it as severely as this man and I think they've also been able to have some surgery on some of the larger tumors. I hug them whenever I see them. I don't think I'm special for doing that.

I take your point that it may not be the best policy to be suspicious about public gestures of compassion, and I acknowledged in my original comment the possible genuine significance of this gesture for both people involved. I don't think that significance is or even can be invalidated by the possibility that there's another way to interpret this moment, one that taps into a narrative in which people with disabilities or illnesses are ancillary to the growth of people without them.

I don't mean that the Pope should have used that narrative as a reason NOT to hold this pilgrim close, not at all, and that maybe reflects a lack of clarity in what I said. I'm not interested in purity. I'm interested in recognizing complication and in messing up the story that says it must be a huge, huge effort for someone who doesn't have a sick, disabled or disfigured body just to touch, just to look at, a person who does. I know it is like that right now, but I would like it to not be like that. I would like the world to be a better place in that way.

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By melis on Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

Bustle is an excellent website. At Bustle, you can find many articles, about lipsticks but also who is running for Queen next England. Bustle is the perfect site for women who read but also enjoy being a wine desk for a Tall Man. Bustle: isn't it time you were reading it right now this time?

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By melis on Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

@JessieGarn05 Leone Takata is making $87 what does Leone know that you don't Jessie

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By melis on Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

As for me, these days, I read only Bustle.

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By smartastic on A Conversation With Adrienne Truscott, a Performance Artist Doing a One-Woman Show About Rape

"There's two guys, and you, so which one of you is a rapist? Cause if we're talking about this room, one of you had to do it, cause you can't rape yourself. How do you feel?"

Wowwowowowowowowowow. Yes. Thank you.

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By iceberg on Friday Open Thread

This week with the Bergy Bits: not much. Among other reasons, they've been grumpy and sick...

Iceberg: "Where's The Quiet One?"
Curtain: "I not here!"

For Halloween they were a Diva Kitty, a Clown Monkey and a Quiet Bunny. Ridiculously cute.

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By stuffisthings on "The cost for each attendee: $4000. And that was after Tracy’s fiancé paid one night for everyone at the W hotel"

@CynthiaHalls0 yeah but at this rate it'll still take you six months to afford that Paris trip.

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By iceberg on Friday Open Thread

This week with the BBs

Singing the alphabet with The Quiet One: "...T for [her name], U, V--"
"I not a V!" she said indignantly (because she heard "[her name], you V").

"Mama you got chocolate?"
"Open your mouf!
... You got cheese? I want cheese."

Family-specific language: we taught the kids how to do peace signs, which they interpreted as a synonym for "two", and they call a Fruit Loop a "color" because they're colorful Cheerios, so "Peace sign kullah!" (yes they have mostly Aussie accents) means "I want two Fruit Loops!"

The Diva was given balloons by a Publix employee, but when her daddy asked where she got it from: "Miss Lady have it."

Diva monologue: "[The Clown] hurt me! He hit me! He try to take my bus! It's mines! ...I'm gonna give it back to him."

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