I'm a 20 year old University student. I'm learning to wear high heels. I like cooking. I am a clean person except for when I'm messy. I am queen of the quirks and I hate halloween. Coffee makes me sick so I drink tea. I'm afraid to learn how to drive and I am fearful of library alarms. I like books more than I like reading, and I love reading. My glasses are as necessary as an organ at this point. Peach is my favourite juice. Check out me making food: http://dirtydishes.weebly.com/

On The Postal Service, "Turn Around"

10 years??! When did that happen!!

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On Farewell, Jane

...Is she going to say goodbye?

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On Farewell, Jane

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On Farewell, Jane

Nooooo! Jane, I talk about you all the time!! D:

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On Beauty Q&A: Sexy in Specs, Skin Picking, and the Secret to All-Day Makeup

@heroicdestinysquad I know this post is SO OLD but I've been wearing glasses forever, and one time I tried mascara, and my eyelashes ended up getting mascara marks on the insides of my glasses! That was the first and only time I wore mascara....Like, YEARS ago. Maybe I need to give it another shot! 8-)

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On Name That Book!

This post has prompted me to search in the depths of my spider-ridden basement, through dozens of barren boxes of garbage and junk -- for a book I thought was almost certainly gone for good. I've been wondering what it was for years, and after many google searches of something similar to: "Dog mansion castle maze search puzzle book" I came up with nothing. FINALLY, today, after relentless digging and lots of papercuts from cardboard boxes... I FOUND IT! And, I yelled "I FOUND IT" when I did.
"A Puzzing Day at Castle MacPelican"

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On Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

Hi Jane,
I know there are like, 200+ comments here, and you probably won't read this, but I am REALLY jonesing for a new How To Be A Girl video. This harsh winter has got me feeling blue, but a new vid of your sunny self sure would help! Even like, a bloopers reel. You are seriously the best. Please.... Something about make up? Or like, anything?

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On Tupperwhere?

@greatkate That was a great way to spend 50 minutes!!!

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The 2 pictures of you and your husband after walking up the aisle and before the b&w picture in front of the mantle....
They made me cry. Literally -- tears.

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On Or, It's Just the Fridge Magnets After All

I was just thinking about it now. I said to myself "what colour is Tuesday? Obviously yellow. Saturday? It's purple. And Friday? Blue. Definitely blue. What about monday? Red. Oh yes. Sunday is obviously pink. Because, well... Sunday is pink."
But then I realized that
monday RED tuesday YELLOW wednesday GREEN thursday [undecided] friday BLUE saturday PURPLE sunday PINK.


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