By annev6 on Getting Away With Hating It

@whizz_dumb Yeah I mean, we all gotta work past the stereotypes in our heads and whatnot, women included, and that shizz is hard. Also,

"were white Americans who were anti-slavery just trying to make black friends?"
They just wanted to look cool in front of all those hot chicks at the abolitionist meetings, man.

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By stuffisthings on Ten Days Alone In: Cuba

I mean, look: people are people everywhere. There are poor people in Mexico, and also the world's richest man. Just because someone earns the equivalent of $300 a month doesn't mean they live in a world of unadulterated shit. They eat, hang out with their family, go to school, laugh with their friends, and do all the same basic things that Americans do. The average Mexican earns more than someone subsisting at the poverty line in the United States. And if they live in a smaller town or village with their family, their quality of life may be much better since they aren't dropping 2/3 of their income on rent and have access to relatively decent basic health care and possibly fresh food (if their family are farmers.)

If you've ever been a waiter or bartender at a trendy spot in a big city, you've probably been on the other side of a wealth gap far larger than the grad student / Latin American lifeguard divide, and it didn't irreparably corrupt your soul, did it? Think of all the corporate folks who drop $200 on dinner a couple times a week. Why get upset about spending half a laborer's daily wage on a delicious plate of tacos? It's not an underage sex tour of Cambodia we're talking about here.

The basic rules of treat people nicely, tip as well as you are able apply everywhere. There's always going to be concerns about the negative effects of tourism but that's equally true in Miami and Paris as in Cancun. If you're really opposed to it, don't go, but really there's no sense beating yourself up about it. I guess people tend to use tourism as a nexus for these issues because it's often through tourism that they're first exposed to some concept of "third world poverty" , but the reality "third world poverty" is both worse AND better than what people imagine when they see Mexican street kids or whatever. And the money that flows in from tourism, in my humble opinion, does far more good than harm.

(This isn't in response to anyone in particular, I just get weirdly antsy when people get all worked about poverty and tourism, because, really, it's OK people!)

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By ba-na-nas on Being [Something] in the United States

I grew up in North Philadelphia in the 80's and I'm white. I didn't like the tone of the original article because it leaves out SO MUCH about why Philly is the way it is. That said, I do think that it works on some level, because I know a lot of white people in Philly who talk and think like this. It's not okay, but it's really happening, and it speaks to how institutional racism works in Philadelphia.

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By Faintly Macabre on Being [Something] in the United States

@travelmugs The Philly.com comments always make me want to jump off the Earth. I think it's one of the worst "news" comment sections I've seen, which is saying a lot.

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@josefinastrummer True. The neighborhood is in bad shape and does need a lot of help. I shouldn't minimize that. I merely meant to say that I have never personally felt in danger and don't feel like merely walking down the street is as ludicrously dangerous as the writer seemed to imply. I exaggerated the other way in response to how angry the article made me, so that's on me.

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By stuffisthings on Being [Something] in the United States

@stuffisthings Also young people at my work talk about Prince George's County, the wealthiest African American majority county in the country -- with a median income more than double New York City's -- as if it's Fallujah circa 2004.

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By stuffisthings on Being [Something] in the United States

@iceberg I thought everyone knew that Russians were crazy racist?

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By evil melis on Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet

@Mira The idea of eating a bleu-cheese smothered steak and then following it up with some vigorous anal sex is just...Scarlet, you're a very strong woman.

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By Hey,Lookit! on Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet

@josefinastrummer Ha. Yeah. You're probably right. :) It's just a bummer that we end up fighting fights like this when we've also popularly agreed that people doing what they want with their own bodies and labeling themselves in a way they themselves find accurate is A-ok, too? People have to extricate themselves from the Jerk-Circus in their own way and I don't think it helps our Overall-Jerk-Circus-Escaping-Goals to tell someone she's doing it the wrong way.

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By thebestjasmine on Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet

@Hey,Lookit! We're just saying that words have meanings. Don't go around saying that you're a natural redhead if your hair is brown, people. It's like saying "don't define how people define their own race." Yeah, that's true to an extent, but if your momma is black, and your daddy is black...

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