On Getting Away With Hating It

@Urwelt I think this is what leads people to believe that sex workers can't be raped. And that's depressing.

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On Getting Away With Hating It

@leon s This is so interesting to hear people say that feminist men should proceed with caution around women. That actually sounds pretty anti-feminist to me. I love that my boyfriend is a feminist and because he actually is a feminist and doesn't just say to look cool or nice, I think he could handle himself in any group. But that might just be me!

I dated a guy who went to a strip club after we broke up. He ended up in a private room and got a blow job from the stripper. He also walked away convinced that this woman was really into him. I know all this because he wrote about it on a public blog he sent directly to me. I had to tell him that this woman was just really good at her job and to take that shit of the internet before his mom read it. Nice guy indeed!

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On Ten Days Alone In: Cuba

Should you have your full name on this piece? It is still illegal for Americans to go to Cuba. I don't want this to be you!

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On Ten Days Alone In: Cuba

@leon s You could have that same experience in my American city, delicious tacos, poverty and all.
Go on vacation and be nice. I don't think it has to be so complex.

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On Being [Something] in the United States

@iceberg I used to teach ESL to West Africans in SW Philadelphia and they were so racist against African Americans, it was sometimes hard to teach the class. A woman from Liberia would ask me for help and I would refer her to her church and she would say "No, I need white help." And they all agreed that their children would marry only other Africans or white people. Then I would remind them that their children were AFRICAN AMERICAN and move on.
I've decided that no one in this city likes anyone.

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On Being [Something] in the United States

@Faintly Macabre You know it. I always tell myself to stop arguing with those commenters because there is no point but sometimes I just can't help it. Too bad half of those commenters are my neighbors...

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On Being [Something] in the United States

@H.E. Ladypants Right on. I feel the same and have never had a problem in that neighborhood, whereas the other night in Fishtown, a guy followed me for a few blocks until I started acting like a weirdo in hopes he would back off. It worked. And it shows that there are shitty people everywhere and every color.

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On Being [Something] in the United States

From the Steve Volk article: "Bob assures me he just wanted to let his sources speak for themselves in this story. But he seems to miss the obvious here, which is that if white Philadelphians would like to be able to address race without being labeled “racist,” they should avoid saying racist things. But there are further layers of error and creeping bias to uncover here."

I love this. I talk about race with my black friends and co-workers a lot. It's really not a problem so long as you are respectful and not racist!

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On Being [Something] in the United States

@H.E. Ladypants Well, no, it's actually more than just a slightly run down residential neighborhood. There is a lot of crime up there and it's more than just run down; a lot of it is falling apart. There are really good people who live there, just like any neighborhood but that doesn't take away that it's really not a great place. It has improved since the 80's and 90's but that's an area of the city that needs a lot of attention and help. It certainly does not need articles like this!

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