Ugh that's the worst! It happened to me when I was an apartment dweller and I stupidly still went to work after sitting outside in my car all night.
I hope you called in to work today!

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On what dOEs ThIS sOuNd like?

Same with me. I have to consciously "say" the words in my head to "hear" them they way I think they are describing in the article.
Normally when I read quietly I'm, like.... absorbing the ideas represented by the written words. Straight line from eyeballs to understanding. I don't usually take the middle step of mentally pronouncing them in my head.

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On That Baby Wants to Break You Up

I have the same situation you describe and know all too well the feelings that go along with it. My kids are not babies anymore and my husband works a paying job part-time now. The anger and resentment still surfaces in my heart sometimes. I sincerely hope you can find a resolution to your situation. For us it caused months of screaming matches, nearly caused a divorce, contributed to a severe depression in me, and almost cost my job (in the midst of all this upset, doing my best at work was of no interest to me.)

I suppose now I'm in a better mental/emotional place. Post-partum hormones are long gone, sleep deprivation is nothing but a horrible nightmare from the past, kids are not cute little babies anymore (they are 9 and 5 years old). I have a long-view and a perspective you don't have yet - there are many wonderful moments to come for you as your baby grows. The first smile of a baby seems like the most magical thing in the world, but being part of your child's life and watching him grow over the years is even more wonderful than those first few weeks. Children adore their parents and trust me, your baby will not adore you any less if you aren't the one who fixes his snack at 10am on Tuesdays.

So, I have mixed feelings about giving advice to a stranger over the internet, but I felt compelled to speak up considering I've experienced what you describe. Pour all of your love into your little family and do your best with the options and resources you have. Your baby loves you regardless of your personal combination of earning money and changing diapers.

I wish you the best. oh and try to go easy on your husband, too. Trust me I know that's hard. Surely he is feeling out of sorts with the current situation too.

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On Kate Middleton and the Huntsman

I love this, and the whole story behind it. So funny.

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On Places Where Single Women Are Encouraged to Seek "The One," and to Which I've Gone, Dutifully, to Befriend No One But Likeminded Women

Oh that link! How can I possibly do any more work today now that I know about that link?

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On Places Where Single Women Are Encouraged to Seek "The One," and to Which I've Gone, Dutifully, to Befriend No One But Likeminded Women

I work in an office very close to Santa's Village. Hmmm. Small world.

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On Happy 12/12/12

Congratulations! That sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate 12/12/12.

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On How to Make Krupnik, an Old-Timey Polish Honey-Spice Cordial

@Hot Doom
I did a quick internet search for Krupnik recipes and it appears vodka is called for in many of them.

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On Happy 12/12/12

Exciting! Best wishes to you. Remember to breathe!

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On Happy 12/12/12

@fondue with cheddar
Lucky niece you have! I really wanted my daughter to be born 09/08/07 but she dilly dallied and didn't make her grand entrance until 09/10/07.

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