By cuminafterall on The Dropped-Ball Generation

@Poubelle It really surprises me that the boomers spent millions of dollars on "Just Say No" and "This Is Your Brain On Drugs" but are disappointed that we actually, you know, listened.

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By terrific on DST

guys i am so tired

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By HeckYes on Friday Open Thread

I MET DEB PERELMAN FROM SMITTEN KITCHEN YESTERDAY! I went to a book signing and she signed my book and she was so nice and I got a picture with her and it was definitely the highlight of an overall kind-of-terrible week.

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By Emby on Kate Middleton and the Huntsman

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By Shotgun_Mary on Happy 12/12/12

Im having a baby today. I wonder what my grandmother would think about me announcing this to a host of strangers as i labor in my bathroom waiting for the midwives to arrive...

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By sceps yarx on Friday Open Thread

MY SIX YEAR OLD IS DONE WITH HIS THREE AND A HALF YEARS OF CHEMO TOMORROW! I have so many feelings. I'm dealing with them by obsessively reading the Hairpin. Thanks for being here for me you guys!

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By Emby on Friday Open Thread

Sooooooo I'm going to be writing a feature article for the Washington Post! :D It's been a dream of mine for a while!

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By LWone on Friday Open Thread

A few weeks ago A Dude answered my letter about hooking up with a guy in my office. Thanks in part to lovely support from hairpin commenters, I fully came to realize that what had happened was really not ok with me, and that I wanted to do something about it, but that talking to his fiancee was not the answer.

I just confronted him, and I want to both report back and say thank you.

We had a short conversation, I told him what it had been like for me, that I considered it sexual harassment, that I had no plans to speak up but that if I ever saw him behave that way to another young woman in the office I would.

He apologized to me and told me that he had sought counselling for alcohol abuse (which, ok, I know you were out drinking way too much and hitting on girls three weeks ago, but whatever). I told him that his behaviour is part of a pattern of sexual harrassment in our profession, and that it was really hard for me to deal with. He apologized again, and said he was regretful that he was a part of that, and said some words about how important it is that women feel safe in our profession (this is a paraphrase).

There is slightly more, but that's the important stuff.

Thanks, Hairpin community, for helping me get to this point. I'm so relieved, and feel really good for having spoken up for myself, even in this limited way. I'm a regular commenter commenting under a different name, and in a way I'm sad because I wish I could talk to you all as my (internet alter ego) self about this.

But yeah, thanks. Phew.

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By Emma Peel on 32 Easy, Practical Weight-Loss Tips for Your Busy Schedule

Somewhat disappointed by all the judginess going on the comments. Just sayin'. I thought this was interesting and relevant and funny! And I like hearing about things that bear no resemblance to any experience I have ever had (or want to have).

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