On Friday Open Thread

You're the best. No really, you totally are. Keep listening to your friend, maybe ask some thought provoking questions, tell her she's a wonderful mother. I think it's fine to tell her how much you believe her son will turn out okay no matter what, because maybe she needs some encouragement and reassurance.
I'm currently at a big crossroads in my life and cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate one friend in particular who has been such a great listener. She does that listening / rephrasing back to me thing, too, like you describe. I almost wish she would make my decision for me (not really, but yeah, kind of, because this is so harrrrrd!) so maybe don't be bashful about sharing your actual opinions sometimes because a little guidance and advice would be welcome (at least for me, though I understand why you may be reluctant to do so) as long as you aren't pushy about it.
But seriously, you sound like a fantastic friend and I bet she is so grateful to know you.

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On Mouthwatering Recipes from the March 1950 Issue of McCall's

This recipe made my day.

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On Friday Open Thread

Hooray - that's great!
We interviewed several people to fill a contract position at my office and let me just say I feel your pain with regards to weirdos and nightmare interviews.
(There were all sorts of interesting people. One especially noteworthy woman leaned over and started picking lint off my shirt while I was interviewing her.)

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On Guess the Disney Movie

1 - Dumbo
2 - ?
3 - 101 Dalmations
4 - Bambi
5 - Lion King
6 - Beauty and the Beast
7 - ?

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On A Very American Open Thread

@kristenpdx Yes because it smells really bad.

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On A Very American Open Thread

Yes! It totally grosses me out because I don't like yogurt and I also don't like food smeared on countertops.
Today I clicked through to the comments to see if anyone felt the same way as me, but everyone there seems to love it. To each her own!
(but glad to see kindred spirits here!)

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On Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

@Amphora NOPE, that was all taking place in the suburbs too.

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On Hey, Brother.


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Yes, it is "saving" and not "savings" which only started to bother me after I noticed I'd been saying it wrong forever.

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whatwhat? That's horrible. Did you forget to change your clock and show up an hour late for work?
Ohhh, I'm so sorry.

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