On Mama Kreay

@Kira-Lynn@twitter What is wrong with "announced her first pregnancy?" Do you know how many pregnancies Kreayshawn has had? In any case, it's likely the first pregnancy she has announced, key word being "announced."

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On 917 People Who Are Hotter Than Benedict Cumberbatch

This might be my least favorite Hairpin ever. Not because I find Benedict Cumberbatch hot (I started off viewing him as a weird, icy alien and now find him disarmingly attractive with a smoky voice), but because this piece is devoid of charm or humor. It's just an overly long, largely inaccurate list. Seriously, Prince Charles? ALF? Soda and toilet cleaner? LeFou? RUDE.

I don't think that Benedict is the Hottest of Them All, but please, there are thousands of famous men who are considered hot because of personality, talent, voice, etc. aside from their physical makeup and I don't see why he's singled out as the most repulsive.

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On Let's Revisit All of Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 1

Oh uh uh, you did not just rank The Way lower than MMMBop. But to be fair, I've never really listened to the lyrics until now.

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On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

@nyikint Thank you! I was a bit of a wild child but I've never done any of those things because they're just plain inconsiderate/rude/dickish. Ok, the passport thing is mild, but taking cabs without cash and shoplifting? That's not cool.

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@Leila Q Uh, really? Because I've been to Vietnam (I have family there) and every time I've been there EVERYONE wears a helmet because it is the law to do so. They're just disguised as baseball caps, but they have a hard interior.

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On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

I...am not sure what the point of this piece is.

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On Ask Baba Yaga: All I Can Think About Is Getting Married

Ah, this is my very favorite feature! The last two sentences are stunning.

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On Ask a Jeweler: Shady Platinum, Sizing Up Your Rings, and the Case For Sapphires



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On Please Continue Pronouncing "GIF" Any Way You Please


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On Please Continue Pronouncing "GIF" Any Way You Please

@par_parenthese I'm not saying there's a "wrong" way to pronounce GIF, I'm just saying that people's arguments aren't very valid.

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