On An Open Letter to David Grann

@cuminafterall That article is haunting. I have never doubted that MacDonald murdered his family, but his article laid out such a clear case on how the murders probably happened.

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On He's So Unusual

@Lucienne So would I, his life seems so fascinating!

This interview was so fun that it could have been three times as long and I would still want to read more.

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On Texts From Little Women

@ladygypsy Finally someone who agrees with me! Most of the horrible bratty things Amy did were when she was very young, once she got older she became a nicer and more interesting person.

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On The Very Last Post About "Rebecca"

You know there can never be enough posts about Rebecca.

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On Wondering About Yoko Ono

@Reginal T. Squirge Definitely. Hands off my biscuits, people.

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On It Was the Best of Times...

@anachronistique It still kills me that she is now a bestselling author.

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On Name That Love Letter

@jacqueline Definitely. Plus, Elvis was dating Priscilla in Germany during the time he wrote this letter and knowing that makes it soooo much more sketchy.

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On No Epiphanies Whatsoever

Let's not, I think she's completely sordid and banal.

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On Happy Banaversary

@New Hoarder If that's wrong, I don't want to be right. He was also such a dilf in Hanna.

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On Ask a Med Student

@noReally I have received stitches at urgent care. But in my case, it was just a few stitches in my hand -- I don't know if they are equipped to handle deep or severe wounds.

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