On Too Far-Out to Love?

@Gulf of Finland I think I'd have to break up someone if they used the term natch.

Posted on May 9, 2013 at 1:52 pm 1

On A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

@Nutellaface I have a couple of people who I consider friends who work at Gawker Media, and I still think it's awful! Not so much the writing, but the way the sites have become so tabloidesque in a bid for pageviews and the commenters are THE WORST.

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On Other People's Kids, Homes

@cosmia Absolutely. I'm a parent, but after a day of this nonsense I think I would have completely lost it with either of these kids.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@bluebears I find a lot of the criticism of Detroit to be incredibly racist and classist. Rachel Shtier is no exception. It's frustrating, because there are a lot of wonderful things going on in Detroit that get ignored so people can make Mad Max/Robocop/Ruin Porn jokes.

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On Who is That Masked Woman? (You.)

@mabellegueule I HOPE it's fake, because it seems like such a cruel thing to make your partner do.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: In Like Errol Flynn

@bitzyboozer Agreed, that is one of my favorite old hollywood stories.

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On The Natural Beauty and Cosmetics Advocate: Jessa Blades

When it comes to beauty products, I'd rather go with the Dolly Parton regimen.

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On The Edwardian Sex-Pest

@Manchester Tart I still mourn the loss of Liam's fine-ness.

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On Maur Maur Maur!

I'm definitely subscribing! Maura is such a gifted writer.

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On "You had to write a NOVEL to talk yourself out of having a third child?"

@melis At long last, I have an excuse for disliking him.

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