On Olives - It's What's For Dinner

This just made me miss Sacramento like woah. Who else knows and loves the Olive Pit on I-5?! (Crickets...)

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On Ask a Clean Person: Holiday Disasters 2012

@Heike I second Lily Rowan's Serious Eats recommendation. Hooray! As for other things: My family never did Christmas decorating at Thanksgiving, so if you don't want to start that so early, you really don't haaaaaave to. We always just stuck with fall-themed decorating, and then after people left for Thanksgiving would be when you took down the fall colors and put up wreaths/etc. If you really want to get into it you could do some Martha Stewart tablescapy shit with autumn leaves and things, but that's a little insane for throwing a party for a holiday that isn't even yours.

Turkey, stuffing & cranberry sauce is the most important part of Thanksgiving for me. Some people apparently don't eat mashed potatoes (!!) and all my friends who aren't white think that mashed potatoes are a total white person thing (!!!!!!!!) - apparently they all eat sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving instead? Which we do TOO. Maybe it's just that my family is fat and needs more side dishes. Anyway, mash up them sweet potatoes with some maple syrup and orange juice and butter and put almonds on the top and bake them and you will never want to put anything else in your mouth.

Other things my family does at Thanksgiving: watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (except that you are doing it on a weekend and not actual Thanksgiving, so it won't be on). Maybe find a rerun? Watching American football is also basically mandatory, but that is also probably not an option especially since you may or may not know the rules of American football and therefore may or may not be able to enjoy it. Most people eat Thanksgiving dinner as their midday meal (around 2 or 3 PM) so that family that came from a long way away have time to go back home that evening, which means that most people that I know get together in the morning and all pitch in with the cooking. My family drinks mimosas while we all cook which I think is highly civilized. Also, sparkling wine is a pretty common thing to drink with Thanksgiving dinner I think, and it goes with everything. So if you plan it right you can go right from mimosas in the morning to cheap bubbles in the afternoon/with dinner (you are already drunk on mimosas so now you don't mind that the wine for dinner is cheap!) But this may not be a good hosting-other-people strategy.

Going around the table and saying what you're thankful for is very important. Fighting with your relatives about politics is also traditional. You can avoid the second of these but not the first.

You are a saint for doing this!

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On It Was the Best of Times...

@Apocalypstick To be honest, I really didn't know till 2006, when bad_penny laid it all out. I mean, obviously we all knew that there were various sockpuppetry shenanigans going on, but I was so convinced that MsScribe was real (due to my experiences with Nimbus/ari_o's research/etc) that I really never gave any credence to people's accusations of MsScribe. Weird shit was going on all the time, and there were so many other people that I knew LESS about, you know? It was way easier to blame Random Person I Don't Like than it was to blame Person Who I Know And Like. LESSON LEARNED.

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On It Was the Best of Times...

@Apocalypstick Flourish. I've always been Flourish, online and these days off. NO SECRETS HERE, BUB. (I mostly kept my head down so I think I only appear once in the bad_penny thing, if even that? I was part of the FictionAlley crowd, I helped cofound the site Yea These Many Years Ago.) But yes, physically in the same room as. We all hung out with her at Nimbus-2003, at room parties and things. That was why she was so convincing (and it's something that I think bad_penny doesn't really give very much time to)—we SAW her physically, and she looked like she said she would, and so on. And we had all just met each other IRL for about the first time anyway, and the rest of us were legit! Soooo... (And I'm still in contact with many of the folks in the bad_penny thing, and good friends with them IRL even now: everyone else really was legit, not just internet weirdos.)

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On It Was the Best of Times...

@noReally @effystonem "Chan" is underage fic. And yes, sometimes it don't mean teenagers. READER BEWARE.

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On It Was the Best of Times...

@Inconceivable! SHOEBOX PROJECT! I miss Jaida and Rave (and I knew them back when, yes). Also I do know Mark. :D @WhiskySour Hopefully not LotRips?

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On It Was the Best of Times...

@WhiskeySour Do I know you from HP fandom back in the day?! :o

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On It Was the Best of Times...

I have to say, that as one of the people who was intimately involved with the MsScribe thing (I was one of the fooled! I knew her IRL! She was TOTALLY CONVINCING AND IT WAS WACKO AND DEEPLY HORRIBLE) it makes me so skeeved out to see the entire gross thing played out for laffs all over the internet. Like... guys, not everyone comes off well in that story, but she seriously scammed my entire group of friends into believing she was real for years, and the internet drama she instigated...

Oy. Imagine if your worst ever drama among your friends suddenly was known, and mythologized, by everybody on the internet. And the worst ever drama involved a con woman. THAT IS WHAT IS UP WITH ME, WITH BAD PENNY. IT IS BAD.

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On The Songs of Pure Moods

@MoxyCrimeFighter OMG. My mom worked on the scientific end of this stuff (she ran a cardiac rehab center which included teaching people relaxation techniques, which are both medically proven to help and also are EXACTLY LIKE ALL NEW AGEY MEDITATION TECHNIQUES EVER) and she had a bunch of tapes sort of like this and I swear to you when I hear them today I basically just fall asleep out of habit!

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On Sixth Senses, Approachability, and the Penniless Nomad Actors

@blahstudent Agreed, but dude, the worry about the age difference really stood out to me—because I'm 25 and happily living with a 40-year-old. I've thought about being 55 and him being 70, but the upshot of the thought is always, "and man, that means I'll always feel young and beautiful around him!" not "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD SO OLD WHAT IF THERE ARE MEDICAL ISSUES." Because, you know, I love him and shit. So I think the original response was right on to say that this seems like a thing where LW3 is trying to talk herself out of something.

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