first read this as ""do rich desserts have a select ability to change our longer-term dating habits?"

which, definitely.

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On "The Incident in Alabama"


"... campus police received a series of reports even stranger than the shooting itself. Several people with connections to the university’s biology department warned that Dr. Bishop, a neuroscientist with a Harvard Ph.D., might have booby-trapped the science building with some sort of 'herpes bomb,' police officials said, designed to spread the dangerous virus."


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On When You're at Singles Yoga...

Poliça!!! Yes!!! We saw her at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland without knowing who she was, and she has been on constant rotation ever since. Cue making out ad nauseam. (Yes, 'infinitum' would also have worked, but 'nauseam' felt more evocative.) Seriously, Smiley this list is great and we would totally triple make out with you any time.

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On Beauty Q&A: Freeboobing and Cute Pajamas

@Kate Croy Word. I think we were partners in crime.

Speaking of, can I ask for y'all's thoughtful opinions on post-feminist plastic surgery? Because 007b.com just ain't doing it for me any more, and I'm this close to getting them rearranged. And 99% of the time I can't fucking wait, and 1% of the time I feel super guilty that "having boobs that are the wrong shape" makes the list of things I spend my time thinking about.

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