On The Gratitude Pie

once again, NAILED IT!
i look forward to this so much ever week.

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On I Am So Sorry You Probably Didn't Have An Orgasm That Time We Hooked Up

That fifth paragraph, I'm pretty sure it is textbook perfection.

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On Ask a Glutton: I'm Through With Eggs

I would like to take the opportunity to be the one very late to the conversation whose only contribution is to say: I love, love, LOVE this series.


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On The Baggage Pie

why are these always so 100% on point. it feels dangerously close to sharing head space with an internet stranger…

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On Friday Open Thread

@milominderbender hey there – quick perspective from one who frequently plays the role of the is-she-just-being-a-jerk-maybe-ex-friend:

this has happened to me (active voice: i have done this) as one of those pathetic self-pitying death spirals where something unpleasant or unplanned or just off may have come up in the course of living, as it does in everyone's life, and instead of dealing with it like an adult and asking for support when necessary or grin-and-bearing it, the response is to shrivel up and retreat into oneself while waiting for things to sort out or blow over.
because, you know, your own problems are always bigger and unique and what would anyone else know/care anyhow

and then once it's slightly better you feel so guilty for being a terrible friend and ignoring your relationships and missing the fact that, of course, other people have their own lives that they've been trying to share with you that... you retreat again.

i know it's childish and pretty much inexcusable behavior. i'm working on it – maybe your friend is, too? i don't really have advice, since ultimatums may be the most practical solution, but they are also generally unpleasant for all involved…

i'm sorry, i guess, is all i can offer. i hope everything gets better.

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On Friday Open Thread

@iwearaFEZnow thanks for the support, you guys! it has prompted me to get cracking, instead of making the defeated bleating noise that normally accompanies my closing a new email message in dismay...

@cuminafterall it's been a few years for me, too, so i lack the ability to beg in person. it's so nerve-wracking.

@celeec4@twitter i'm looking at bio programs. i feel so...non-competitive, applicant wise. really, most of my time for the past month has been spent wanting to curl up in a ball and wish my way into being a better student. :\

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On Friday Open Thread

you guys who have applied/are applying to grad school: asking for recommendations is the worst, right? it's not just me? i just keep expecting to get emails back that say "hahahahah you want to do what where?! psssht, don't waste my time".

and thus, i have sent out a half-assed request, and deadline season is upon us so i'm the worst/worst. :(

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On Friday Open Thread


I second this question because 1) Hi, Twinsie, I've got your same problem (and probably your dependence on hard-boiled eggs in place of "lean meats"?)

and 2) In the rare circumstance that I DO manage to lose weight, I feel great for about 3-5 days (better runs, better thinking, better life!!); and then I feel like death. Like, dizzy, unfocused, but not even hungry death. Which I know is a sign of some sort, but I don't like it. So, yeah, any advice would be appreciated.

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On Friday Open Thread

@give cheese some pants thank you, thank you. this almost became mild hate reading for me at some point. and then i felt bad for judgy-judging two strangers who are probably perfectly decent people, and certainly no more flawed than i am, but for some reason coming across as... basically, it devolved into a lot of "wwhhyyyy is this still going on?!" for me.

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On Friday Open Thread


Fellow Footy Hooligans: activate!!! Can we talk WC2014 Qualis right now? Can we talk about the fact that Miro Klose just tied Gerd Müller's scoring record (hooooooraaayy!!)? Can we talk about GERMANY, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER WITH YOUR BACK LINE!!!!????

and that I'm oddly excited for the US/Costa Rica match?...

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