is and artist who works in the Public Library somewhere in Canada

On 917 People Who Are Hotter Than Benedict Cumberbatch

I'm guessing you all know about this already but: http://benedictcumberbatchgenerator.tumblr.com/

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On Ask a Jeweler: A Beginner’s Guide to Pearls

I'm a bit of a vintage jewelry scavenger and I recently lucked out and found a strand of vintage pearls in a thrift store for $4,a lot of the time those shops especially the smaller ones are not really aware of what they have, especially if your visiting one in a small town ! always look at the jewelry cabinet!!!! When you are on your next road trip do stop in the small town and check out those tiny pokey shops, in this way I have found pearls, strands of jet and recently a 1950s brass and coral number with matching earrings, read up online about basic sneaky ways to test their authenticity, even if you mess up, if you like the piece who cares, most of the retro costume jewelry is much nicer than the modern stuff anyhow ! Also if you do manage to find a deal on a genuine strand in a style your not totally into, you can easily have them re-strung in a more contemporary style.

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On When a Man Writes a Woman

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Im reading that book right now, and I do love Murakami in general, but the boob job thing that comes up in several of his books keeps weirding me out...

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On The Arm's Length Pie

40% wanting to show off the elaborate hairstyle you just created on a night when you cant be bothered to go out.

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On The Marriage Pie


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On When to Tell Someone They Might Be Gross

@Shara this guys is what a good friend has coined a "garbage bed boy" we all had these guys in our lives when we were younger and they were fun and sometimes the garbage I their beds was even interesting (scetches and comic books and old flannel shirts) but all of us agreed this was a stage of our youth we were happy to have grown out of.

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On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

I bought the most expensive pair of jeans in my life, I'm not the kind of person who Ever buys designer denim and still thinks its a total scam. but THESE Jeans are amazing, they are high waisted, skinny, incredibly soft feeling and flat black, they were made by Fidelity and holy man were they worth the investment for a curvelicious lady like me- I would totally wear them everyday and wish I could afford to have them in ten different colours, when they wear out I will go back and prey that they are on sale so I don't have to pay full price... But I will if I have to.

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On Friday Open Thread

Holy you guys, here I am chiming in late because I am all the way over here is Calgary, but I just bought a new harp!!! Woo! !!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Danzig! These pinups make me sad not to be in NY, Calgary AB Pinup anyone?

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On Friday Open Thread

@whateverlolawants Adopt the dog, the trouble is absolutely worth all the unconditional love !

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