On What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

I have my mom's last name! I also honestly don't think I knew any of the other kids' parents' last names, or would have even known what that ~signified~ if I had? That sounds like an overly judgey adult issue, trying to pass it off on kids, tbh...

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On "Another thing I like to do is give my vagina a little vitamin D. [Laughs]"

I'm pretty sure I remember hearing about some fabulous classic actress—Gloria Swanson, maybe?—used to go spread eagle in the sun to cure all manner of ailments! Or maybe they're just both sassy ol' broads.

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On Closeted Characters, and the Books That Love Them

My dog was named Roscoe because of that Simpsons episode at the top! "We work hard... we play hard."

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On 10 Years, Actually: Sarah & Karl, Jamie & Aurélia

Karl left early, probably something to do with his newborn.

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On Friday Open Thread

@all Thank you for all the great answers! I'm fairly certain he'll get it now (with all my citations!). The character is 95% great and doesn't behave at all in the way that this one line is suggesting, which is partly why it made me so sad!

I'm offering a couple alternate suggestions so hopefully one of those will work. Maybe she can just take a swig of whiskey instead of saying anything right there?

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On Friday Open Thread

HELP my boss is a writer, and in his latest story, his lone female character has a line that is basically, "I only hang out with DUDES 'cause girls are too COMPLICATED! I'm not like OTHER GIRLS! *put on sunglasses, ollies into the sun without spilling her whiskey*"

He has asked for elaboration on my note of "I hate this." How can I explain how terrible this is without just underlining my previous note several times??

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On The Just Admit You're Pregnant Pie

Mazel tov, Ann!

My mom figured out my step-sister was pregnant before she'd announced because, as she relayed: "She turned down a glass of wine. She NEVER turns down a glass of wine."

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On Ask a Three-Year-Old: How Do I Deal With My Jealousy?

In the very early, early stages of pre-dating my bf, there was a girl in his friend circle that almost made me back off--'cause it seemed like she had a crush on him and I couldn't tell if he liked her as well. Turned out he actually liked ME [flips hair], but the worst part was that she and I have the same first name, and when he told his friends that he was now dating Muggles, a few of them went, "Oh nice, man! I was wondering when you two were gonna hook up!"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so great so funny ha ha

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On Ask a Glutton: When Your Food Groups Are Cheese, Chocolate, and Coffee

LW1 is totally me and my bf! We alternate cooking on a nightly basis, and typically I will just adapt recipes slightly to provide him with an alternative version--cooking a plain chicken breast alongside my breaded one, using two casserole dishes so there isn't even a specter of cheese on his side, etc. I have been eating healthier with him around often due to laziness, but you win some/lose some.

We also do a lot of "bowls," i.e. some sort of healthy grain (brown rice, quinoa, etc.) + black beans + variety of veggies. We then each get to put them together ourselves, I get to put cheese and salsa on mine, he eats his dry, and we're both totally happy.

We're both on our own on the weekends, so I save anything that would be too hard to adapt for him until then. That way I don't have to harbor any secret resentment about not getting to eat homemade pizza or enchiladas.

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On "She just kind of went into a fugue about hatred."

I know he disappeared into the role, but it's Anthony Perkins, no?

I love that Comedy Central created this whole subculture by rerunning this perfect, amazing movie damn near constantly. I had no idea the movie had been released with different endings until way, way later--I just assumed it was meant to have all three, as I'd always only seen it on TV!

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