On The Spinsterhood Pie

10% Can fully commit to embarrassing workout DVDs without having to turn the volume way down and slam the laptop shut at any noise that sounds like a footstep.

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On Get This Look: Twin Peaks

This is fantastic and I love it. The Log Lady shoes! Also seconding all the love for Audrey Horne's style - I want to know how to get her eyebrows!

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On Get This Look: Twin Peaks

@royaljunk You called?

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On Close-Reading a Controversial List, Take 2

I just started watching Game of Thrones (but I made the mistake of clicking on many a thread so I'm painfully aware of a load of impending deaths) and it has opened a whole new world of Internet to me! All these gifs! I know what Khaleesi means now! Why has this taken me so long?!

Also I just want to point out that I think both Khal Drogo and Jon Snow are smokin'. AND I love love love hearing so many Northern accents on such a big tv show.

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On Is Your Voice Ruining Your Life?

@packedsuitcase I think the best way is to try not to think about it, because once you start over analysing you (or I at least) forget how to say ALL WORDS and then you're just making vague noises in no-one's accent. Also, good luck with the move - I love Edinburgh!

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On Friday Open Thread

Hello Open Thread! I have a question! My best friend is going to Canada (we're from the UK) for the whole summer in a couple of weeks to work at a summer camp, and I wanted to put together a cutesy little gift box to give to her before she goes. I want some stuff to be useful things she can take with her, but others just kind of jokey stuff vaguely relevant to Canada (or North America in general) or summer camp. Part actually useful survival kit*, part weird, useless cute stuff! Any suggestions?

*ETA: I did not mean to imply that going to Canada necessitates some kind of wilderness style survival kit!

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On Is Your Voice Ruining Your Life?

Ahhhaha, my voice is the worst! When I was younger I was so self conscious about how strong my accent was (north east England), then I moved down south for uni and now I'm insanely paranoid about losing it, so sometimes it's sort of non existent and then I'll remember and be all, "HAWAY MAN WHY AYE TOON ARMY etc etc etc". And people always think I'm Irish-Canadian...?! And also I'm extremely prone to inadvertently mimicking other people's accents, which is embarrassing when, for instance, a Scottish person will stop you mid sentence and ask if you're mocking them.

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On Matchbooks of Meat

I think all these studies and articles and 'health tips' will be responsible for my early death or at least future devastating ill health. Not because I follow what they suggest, but because every time I read another crazy one I get so angry and BORED that I just plough through a Burger King and feel proud of my accomplishment.

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On Little Lady

@bellekaren @harebell Aw, thanks ladies! (And thank you for the metonym wisdom; I was stuck for SO LONG trying to decide whether a skirt could be considered part of my 'style', or was just associated with it!)

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On Lulu James, "Closer"

Ahh! This lady is from my town! She's fantastic, and I was so happy and proud to find out she's from my neck of the woods (and I believe she knows my cousin!)

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