On Friday Open Thread

@lemonadefish Don't eat anything that comes individually wrapped. The growing mountain of wrappers on the nightstand will only make you feel worse. Buy the giant version and throw the wrapper in the trash before taking to your bed.

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On Friday Open Thread

@crango I have a copper IUD and my cramps have not become worse (except for the 1st period after insertion) but I do spot 2 days before my period now AND have increased flowwwwwww :( . So now my period week is really like a week and a half. If I had to do it all again, I would try Mirena before the copper IUD.

I was kind of against doing any hormonal BC before. I didn't think More Extra Flow would matter to me BUT IT DOES. Maybe not enough to get it yanked and try Mirena, although if I had health insurance that paid for the procedure I might do just that.

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On Friday Open Thread

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I've donated for a family member. I was a teenager at the time. They put me under and I went home the same day (night). Was bruised and sore (more than I thought I would be but I was also a dumb teenager who didn't know anything so don't let that scare you). It's honestly not that bad, was more stressed about whether it would work or not than the pain.

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On In Search of a Fair Fare

@olivebee But when they ask you to line up numerically and all of a sudden 200 adults seem to have forgotten how to count from 1 to 50 my blood begins to simmer and I start to resent the otherwise nice-looking granny in front of me who actually should be standing several people BEHIND ME. And then worry about getting a crappy seat and I hate all the people forever. NO SOUTHWEST WHYYYYYYYY?

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On The Best Time I Got an Endometrial Ablation

@kickupdust Every month, I exclaim, "I must be coming down with something. I'm soooo achey and tired, all I want are ZzzZZzz." And then I get my period the next day or so. You'd think I would remember this every month, but nope. Every month I think I must have caught the flu or a cold.

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On Ways to [Not] Lose Your 43 Pounds of Baby Weight

@disgruntled co-worker I'm due to eat more cake for lunch lunch today, thanks for asking.

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On All the Weddings I Have Ever Been to, as I Remember Them

@travelmugs I tell everyone I AM drunk (because of course I am). Like, if I just get my drunkeness out into the open, we can all move on to more cocktails and questionable behavior, sans judgement. In hindsight, this is probably a terrible strategy.

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On The Slow Death of the Diamond Engagement Ring

@snowmentality Speaking of things created in a lab, can we all just take a moment to think about LifeGem Memorial Diamonds? I know what I want to be when I grow up and die.

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On The Slow Death of the Diamond Engagement Ring

@Steph If you are a Modern Lady, try Supermarkethq.com. It's Etsy with less regretsy. Do a search for rings, find a designer who's style you like, commission the designer to make you something cool. I feel like your money would go further this way (using a small designer from there or etsy). My other idea would be an online pawn shop, like pawngo.com.

But what do I know, I have a hand-me-down family engagement ring that still needs to be reset, and I wear a silver wedding band bought across the street from the Graceland Wedding chapel in Vegas 30 min before the ceremony. Eloping is awesome and I recommend it.

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On The Slow Death of the Diamond Engagement Ring

@liznieve My Art History Professor: You know, if you die, your student loans are forgiven. Don't let the loans scare you away from graduate school. I'm forty-five and I'm still paying back student loans."

Me: "..."
$20,000 would only make a small dent in what I owe, and bring me no joy. I'll take the engagement horse, and horse cleaner instead, please.

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