On Sex Manual Returned to New York Public Library 54 Years Past Due Date

@heyderpette You are a thought criminal.

But yes, "coitus" is pretty terrible.

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On Sex Manual Returned to New York Public Library 54 Years Past Due Date

I'm just glad "moist" isn't part of the word cloud. People who whine about the word "moist" always come off like they're chasing some imagined zeitgeist, along with people who make a big deal of how scary clowns are.

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On Women I Dated in Paris, by a Lesbian Who Can't Speak French

I really want a baguette with honey and brie, now.

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On A Smart Girl's Guide To Responding To Pop Stars

wiggle wiggle wiggle

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On "I am the martyr of this TGI Friday's."

This is bullshit.

Okay, the article was entertaining, I'll grant you that. But Caity (the author) spent 14 HOURS at a TGI Friday's. And in all that time, she only ordered SEVEN PLATES? Let's do some math:

That's one plate every two hours.

6 sticks on a plate, that's 3 sticks an hour, or one stick every 20 minutes.

That is NOTHING.

Someone calls her out on this in the comments, and her response is basically, "They were bigger than regular mozzarella sticks, and tasted pretty gross."

Not good enough, Caity. They should have sent a warrior, but instead they sent a child.

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On Bloodfeast: The Nutella Bacon Burger


Yeah, unless you're Shake Shack, there isn't any real reason to press down on your burgers. Make patties, with a small divot in the middle to counteract curling.

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On Bloodfeast: The Nutella Bacon Burger

That sounds great, but you don't need the egg or the almond flour. You're not making meatloaf, just make meat patties.

Also- are "sweet onions" any different than say, yellow onions?

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On Boy Meets World: The Lost Episodes

Everyone needs to read my 300 page alternate continuity fanfic where Cory gets together with Lauren and they love each other forever and live in the ski lodge. Eric becomes a ski instructor and Mr. Feeny runs the lodge. Also they have sex!!

(Cory and Lauren, not Eric and Mr. Feeny)

(I lied, it's both)

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On Trends Men Hate

I would be interested in a "horsetail" gentleman's magazine.

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On The bell hooks Hotline: For When You'd Rather Not Give Out Your Number

Giving out a fake number doesn't magically become a mature response just because it contains a literary allusion.

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