On Kanye West is Fucking Real


She said "I talk a lot about Kanye and uphold him as sacrosanct with my friends, and I get the impression that they think I do so ironically... There isn’t a hint of ironic sentiment in my respect, admiration, praise, or love for Kanye and his music."

I was saying that it seemed to me that it seemed like she liked his music, and was therefore excusing anything else he would ever do.

I was also saying that having a "tendency to say whatever he wants" is not something I consider to be an admirable quality. Anyone can say whatever they want. If your main personality trait is identical to one found in 12 year olds, then maybe you aren't worthy of blind adulation like that found in this article.

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On Kanye West is Fucking Real

@30312069@twitter I meant that it's irritating to turn "disliking Kanye West" into a race thing. He's not some exalted representative of his race, he's just an annoying person who sells a lot of songs.

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On Kanye West is Fucking Real

@30312069@twitter If I call Eminem an asshole, does that mean you'll allow me to maybe hint that Kanye is bit of a douchebag?

He's just a singer, he's not MLK.

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On Kanye West is Fucking Real

@shalalas See, I don't think his work is relevant to the conversation, at all. Literally the only time I pay attention to Kanye West is when he pops up in the news.

And when he does pop up in the news, it's always for being kind of a douche.

Like, it's great that you like his songs. I have no wish to take that away from you. But Kanye West is like Justin Bieber- he can sell a lot of songs, and still not be someone you'd want to be friends with.

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On Kanye West is Fucking Real

...Demi, it's OK. You can admit that he acts like a douchebag sometimes, and still like his music. I imagine you're experiencing the same cognitive dissonance that Justin Bieber fans go through.

It's not admirable to act like an asshole, simple because you're "telling it like it is" and being "real." That's how teenagers justify being dicks before they realize that it's not being dishonest if you just sometimes decide to not talk.

It's great that Kanye West has high self-esteem, and doesn't care about my opinion. And whatever, he's just another loud, famous egomaniac- that's fine. You don't become a worldwide superstar by being humble.

What annoys me, and many others, is that his fans like to act as if he is some kind of messiah, some unimpeachable paragon of truth, simply because they like his songs.

It's OK, Demi. You can like his songs, without having to defend him every 2 weeks when he acts like a 12 year old.

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On Not The Way White Girls Do

Wait, what's different about your knees?

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On Controversial Opinions Post

"the best fashion writing almost never comes from fashion writers, and only very rarely from traditional mainstream fashion publications. The fashion writing I'm interested in happens, I guess, on the margins of other topics: class, gender, race, labor, wealth, politics, film."

I'd say that's because that's easily the most interesting thing about fashion- what it says about other things. In and of itself, I find "fashion" incredibly boring. Reading about how the trend this summer is going to be pink is boring as shit.

Reading about how hemlines seem to rise and fall with a nation's GNP, or reading about an overbearing principal banning shirts with words on them, or reading about Mormon "magic underwear" is much more interesting.

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The other night I was at a strip club and clinked beers with a lesbian when the cute blonde with dermal piercings took off her thong, and I thought, "This must be what it's like when girls talk to gay guys about shoes"

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On No Excuses: Responding To One-Handed Reviews

Thank you, @CaitlinRenee.

@districter I think you misunderstood me. I wasn't trying to absolve myself, or say that it was OK because "everyone else was doing it."

I was mostly just stating facts- I agree with all the points the author made, yet I still took 30 seconds out of my day to take a look. Call it morbid curiosity- I didn't really get a sexual thrill out of it.

As easy at it is to look at this through a "fight the patriarchy" lens, I honestly think it's more of an Internet thing. On the Internet, it's hard to remember that those names and faces are actually other people.

If someone stole my friend's phone and start posting pictures of her naked photos on phone poles over town, I'd be horrified, and angry. And yet online, because it's some celebrity that I don't know, it's almost incidental.

Other Internet-centric stuff has been pretty easy to see during this incident. The viral outrage. The short memory (No one got too mad about Pam Anderson's leaked sex tape. Everyone mocks politicians who have photos leaked.). The immediate descent into demonizing anyone you're arguing with (I assume @commanderbanana wouldn't have been shrilly accusing me of loving rape and kiddy porn if we were chatting at a party).

So, yeah. As easy as it is to turn this into a simple "Damn those men" thing, since we all love JLaw (wait, when did we start calling her that?), I think it's more complicated than that. It's a combination of our culture's celebrity fixation, and the Internet's sense of entitlement, and viral meme dynamics, a bit of madonna/whore complex, and maybe a dozen more things.

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On No Excuses: Responding To One-Handed Reviews

@Poubelle No, I wasn't trying to justify anything. Perhaps take it as a commentary on the nature of the Internet?

I was more, "Yeah, this is fucked up, but I still took 30 seconds out of my day and had a look." Kind of like rubbernecking at a traffic accident- it's total bullshit, doesn't help anything, you're not going to see anything you didn't see before, and yet everyone slows down to glance over.

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