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This is... not a very informative book review.

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The director François Truffaut once said it was impossible to make a truly anti-war movie, because "to show something is to ennoble it." So like, even if you want to show the horrors of World War I, at least a small part of the audience is going to be going "Damn, soldiers are tough. And look at those explosions! Daaaamn."

And even if it's something small, like a local park or a reality TV star, the simple fact that someone decided to write about it and publish it and now you're looking at it means that it's slightly more important to you than those parks and TV stars that were NOT written about.

Media is weird.

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On An Interview with the Founding Members of Fuck Club

@sp8ce Eh, they talk about going on "three person dates" and "gunning for a 5 way," so it seemed pretty implicit.

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The $10,000 Apple Watch isn't for people to buy, it's for people to scoff at and shake their heads, and then say "Wellll... I guess compared to that, $350 for a smartwatch doesn't seem like that much. And it does everything the gold version does!"

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On Hysteria and Teenage Girls


That is an awesome comparison, I totally agree. Yeah, there's some minor differences like you said, but it's incredibly similar. I can't picture a guy fainting at a singer, but I've seen grown men weep in bushes because their team didn't win the playoffs.

Probably all sorts of fun things to unpack there- for women it's "hysteria," but for men it's either "rioting" or "celebrating." And how the effect is amplified when you're with fellow "fans."

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On Hysteria and Teenage Girls

Interesting article, although it comes off a bit... over-researched? ("Hysteria, in other words, has always been a language that women have used to attempt to shut down centuries of mansplaining." Sure, ok)

The idea of the weird-ass phenomenon of a gaggle of screaming teenage girls as an acceptable "release" definitely rings true, though.

I mean guys just... don't do that. There are outliers, and of course a guy might like a singer and cheer for him/her, but there's no collective male swoon when the latest teen starlet releases a song, or walks down the street.

The idea that guys are encouraged to have sexual feelings, while a teen girl is more likely to be discouraged, seems pretty relevant. She can't/won't say "Damn I would love to do the captain of the football team," but there's nothing wrong with her getting doe-eyed when Justin Bieber sings whatever.

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She said "I talk a lot about Kanye and uphold him as sacrosanct with my friends, and I get the impression that they think I do so ironically... There isn’t a hint of ironic sentiment in my respect, admiration, praise, or love for Kanye and his music."

I was saying that it seemed to me that it seemed like she liked his music, and was therefore excusing anything else he would ever do.

I was also saying that having a "tendency to say whatever he wants" is not something I consider to be an admirable quality. Anyone can say whatever they want. If your main personality trait is identical to one found in 12 year olds, then maybe you aren't worthy of blind adulation like that found in this article.

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On Kanye West is Fucking Real

@30312069@twitter I meant that it's irritating to turn "disliking Kanye West" into a race thing. He's not some exalted representative of his race, he's just an annoying person who sells a lot of songs.

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On Kanye West is Fucking Real

@30312069@twitter If I call Eminem an asshole, does that mean you'll allow me to maybe hint that Kanye is bit of a douchebag?

He's just a singer, he's not MLK.

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On Kanye West is Fucking Real

@shalalas See, I don't think his work is relevant to the conversation, at all. Literally the only time I pay attention to Kanye West is when he pops up in the news.

And when he does pop up in the news, it's always for being kind of a douche.

Like, it's great that you like his songs. I have no wish to take that away from you. But Kanye West is like Justin Bieber- he can sell a lot of songs, and still not be someone you'd want to be friends with.

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