On "Heavy Metal Drummer," Wilco

@thisisunclear @fondue with cheddar you & i!

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On "Heavy Metal Drummer," Wilco

ahhh, this is my favorite song!!
wilco was my first dance song at my wedding! but not this song...

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On Friday Open Thread

painting woes! so, i am moving in a few weeks, and the building just painted the apartment white before i had a chance to ask if i could buy paint and have them paint a different color. they will charge a lot of money to repaint the entire apartment, but i could still buy paint and do it myself. only i'm pregnant and don't know how to paint. i just want to paint baby's room gray, but husband thinks that's the same as white. and if we're painting one room, we might as well paint the rest of the place, too, right?
how much does a can of paint cost anyway? and do i need primer if i'm painting over fresh white walls?

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On Friday Open Thread

@tearsforaffairs just traveled to colombia for 10 days in the fall! cartagena is a great old city, and you can climb on top of the wall (but it's realllly hot). i also really liked medellin. you can take a day trip to guatape and climb a big rock and hang out in a quaint, colorful town. i know you said no beaches, but how about tayrona national park, which is a beautiful beach/jungle where you can hike and ride horses.

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On Beauty Q&A: Shells, Bra Purses, and The Next New 'Do

#2 - merrells! i bought some barefoot-y type sandals before a 10-day trip to colombia and they're all i wore the entire time.

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On Friday Open Thread

@trappedinabay oh dumbo gave us a good online quote! but i've never heard of them, so i'm kinda skeptical. although they have awesome yelp reviews.

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On Friday Open Thread

any recommendations for movers in NYC? just signed a lease on a two-bedroom apartment! we're moving one street and 1 1/2 avenues away from our current apartment. and i'll be 38 weeks pregnant when we move.

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On Friday Open Thread

@lavender gooms i hang clothes in the bathroom and take a really hot shower instead of ironing. works every time!

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin homemade marshmallows are so delicious and way better than store bought ones, but not good for roasting/s'more-making, in my experience.

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On Friday Open Thread

i kinda miss working. collecting unemployment is cool and all, but this week was a little boring and unproductive.

i am about to host my second dinner party of the week, and two of the six attendees just canceled on me. three hours before dinner. i am going to have way too much food left over! so, who wants to come over for shabbat dinner?

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