On The Best Time I Met Bill Clinton

@whateverlolawants I just loved that show, period. But CJ remains one of my top two favorite women in TV, right after Tammi Taylor from Friday Night Lights.

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On The Best Time I Met Bill Clinton

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On The Best Time I Met Bill Clinton

@whateverlolawants Omg! West Wing love forever! So tragic, Simon's death. And CJ. CJ!

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On The Best Time I Met Bill Clinton

@Caitlin Podiak I'm pretty sure there is a "hotness" box checked for all the SS guys; right next to, "will sacrifice self to protect the president", "can kill bad guys with bare hands" and "can carry on conversations well with earpiece in at all times"

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On The Best Time I Met Bill Clinton

I also had the pleasure of meeting Bill. It was exactly this. He came into my office, shook 13 people's hands, and we all felt like we had this totally swoon worthy experience. I came away from it thinking, "Poor Monica! Man, I would have done the same thing! She never had a chance!" He cracked a few jokes, it was pretty much amazing. Also, he was hanging out in our office for the day,so we had Secret Service everywhere for awhile, and oh boy, those SS guys? Hot. All of them.

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On Ask a Clean Person: I Drank the Juice, and It Was a Mess

@cc do you have an actual weasel? or is that a fun pet name for your child? seriously. people have all sorts of fun names for their kids. does your kid hang out in your humidifier?!

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On How to Plan for a Better Spring

Thank you for writing this, Richard. It rang so true. This phrase especially, "What is the noise? The action? A pffft? A whiffff? — left the Earth." Just beautiful.

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On Daughters! What Are You Gonna Do

@Nicole Cliffe Yes, Hi, Bea! I subscribe to Vogue. It's pretty, and I love clothes and jewelry, and a lot of the articles are interesting. But you know what? I read this article before all the hoopla (subscriber!) and your mom meant well, and probably loves you like crazy, but she did it all wrong. Food is delicious! And you don't need to be hungry, ever, because if you eat nutritiously, and are happy, that's enough. I hope you can find a healthy relationship with food, and yourself, and pretty dresses (no matter what size you are!) because I bet you're pretty great. And they make pretty dresses in all sizes.

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On "Was My Face Red!"

I am going to google every one of these women and see if I can find out where they are now. Babs may totally be a doctor or an executive! Or maybe she plays tennis and bridge?

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On Face Moles, "Perfection," and Shifting Dynamics

@apb So jealous!Also, "glittering ash" is wonderfully poetic. I would have had to practice yoga breathing or something. He turns me into a teeny bopper in a way that I equally embrace, yet find horrifying. But, sheesh, all the stories I've heard is he's exactly as nice as you say, and goodness gracious, smokin hot in person.

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