On Every Dating Problem, Solved: An Interview With Chiara Atik

@D.@twitter Oh, alone old men give me all the sads. Have you read A History of Love by Nicole Krauss? Broke my heart.

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On Bones, Ghosts, and Paul Koudounaris

This is the greatest.
I visited an ossuary church in Rome right on one of the main streets that holds all the bones of the Capuchin monks that belonged to that church, and lots of mummies in poses. It's amazing, and the chandeliers are made of strings of vertebrae and jawbones and it was quite wonderful and fascinating. Though my family couldn't understand why this was top of my list of things to see in Rome and declined to accompany me. Their loss, I say. This book is going straight to the top of my christmas list.

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On The Ghosting of Ghost

Twins? I'm saying twins.

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Traveled Around Ireland

@Speaking of cake, I have cake Count me in too, if I can make it. I'm London Irish but often in Dublin visiting family, some non aged parent chat would be lovely!

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On A Better Book Club

@travelmugs I had no idea! Joined!
I used to hate the idea of book clubs having only experienced the work one where the books were always The Guernsey Potato Pie thing or similar awfulness and I felt I had to be polite because a colleague chose it. But now I go to the Post Apocalyptic Book Club (via Meetup) which is brilliant and everyone says exactly what they think and the people are interesting. I'm going to look for a YA one too I think.

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On How Not to Order a Drink, Part Four

@hoo:ha @rayray WHAT BAR IS THAT? I have to go there.

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On The Quiet Return of The 'Pinup Roundup

@madgemmc I'm another first-timer - see you later!

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On How's It Going?

@all YA column yay! Tamora Pierce, Diana W-J, Ruby in the Smoke. All my faves. I knew there was a reason I love this place.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: The Bad Hat

@Esther C. Werdiger Ooh, was your volunteering place Yad LaKashish? I have two lovely pomegranates on my bookshelf from there!

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