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I only wear the finest silk and pearls around the house.

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@Where'sWalden? That's a hilarious idea. I think that there should be plenty of booze at a baby shower. Sangria is always a good option. A surprising amount of people think its "inappropriate" to have alcohol at a baby shower since the mommy to be can't drink but I disagree.

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I recently planned a baby shower and I quickly realized I was in over my head. There are hundreds of games and theyre all pretty silly. My favorite baby shower "game" was just simple
Onesie decorating. Buy a pack of plain white onesies and get fabric paint, stencils and stamps so that guests can make their own onesies for the baby. It's a cute, simple and relatively cheap idea. As for a gift, your friend should make a baby registry. It makes everything easier. If she doesn't have one you can always go with basic newborn necessities: baby first aid kit, swaddlers, blankets, bottles, gift cards for diapers/formula.

I know it's weird, unknown territory. I felt the same way but trust me, it will be fun!

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