By chrysopoeia on What’s the Color of Your Existential Abyss?

This is exquisite, and also accurate.

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By AmbiSinister on What’s the Color of Your Existential Abyss?

I'm so into this. omg.

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By Sam I am on What’s the Color of Your Existential Abyss?

@Lisa Frank YES. Exactly.

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By Lisa Frank on What’s the Color of Your Existential Abyss?

When was the last time you danced? 7) In your apartment, in your underwear. You looked just like Beyonce.

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By Anna Fitz on Is My iPhone a Tool of the Patriarchy? Notes From an Investigation

@mystique Patriarchy. Patriarchy looooooves Bono.

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By Lisa Frank on “It’s magnificent what you’re doing, to help women realize their dreams for themselves.”

The Abortion Avengers? Guardians of the Gynecologist? I'd watch that movie.

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By SarahP on Friday Open Thread

@BattyRabbit and @Mae One of them just friended me on facebook! IT HAS BEGUN!

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By LaLoba on More Men I Might Regret Sleeping With Were It Not For the Music They Introduced Me To

Oofta that one-line e-mail is a killer.

At your mention of Spock I had the sudden and terrible realization that I dated Spock for four years, then Kirk for a year, and now I've moved on to Bones. By the end I had to keep fighting off the terrible truth that my Bones is actually a Finn :( :( :( (but... it's DIFFERENT with me . . . . .!!! :/ ...)

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By SarcasticFringehead on 10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

"'Real women’s empowerment is being able to do what you want to when you want to.'"

And if you try so very, very hard, and do everything exactly right, and make perfect choices, eventually you will have a perfect life, free of conflicts and anxieties and the nagging feeling that if you had just done it right, been a little more accommodating or a little less accommodating or nicer or meaner or in better shape or less concerned about your body or more dedicated to your job or more focused on your home life, everything would have just snapped into place and you would be content now.

And if you don't have that life, it's your fault, because you have CHOICES, can't you see that, and if you had made the right ones you would have transcended human imperfection by now.

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By lora.bee on Three Poems About Unrequited Love

Oh man! Does this mean I can write my own terrible melodramatic haiku about not unrequited, but still kind of upsetting love??

a midnight birthday
text from a love who is back
my cloyed thumping heart

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