On Is My iPhone a Tool of the Patriarchy? Notes From an Investigation

Hah, this is great.

Why DID we all get a random U2 album??

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On Dress Your Family In Your Lover's Shoes

Yiiikes. It's amazing how we can look back and bad situations and see all the cracks clearly but also, yikes. At least you had a nice respite with Sam's aunt.

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On 42

This is great. I love the Jia art too!

But okay, my mind has been BLOWN by the fact that Sarah Miller is 44. I swore I thought you were like...23. 27/28 tops. I'm not even sure why! I mean, I read Gideon Rayburn when I was in high school but I just figured you were a writing prodigy who was given a book deal. Even your picture makes me think you're young. Are you lying for the piece?? Am I missing something.

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On Closeted Characters, and the Books That Love Them

@JanieS That bothered me at first too, but I realized just because you can read her as gay doesn't mean you can't read her as straight too! I personally believe it was a combination of Suzanne Collins terrible writing and Katniss's PTSD and fear of vulnerability in such a terrible environment and emotionally negligent childhood that made Katniss seem so passionless for both boys. I really got no heat from the scenes Ester describes. Katniss in general was such a repressed character. Also she can be bi as well! Sometimes bi / queer people feel attraction to different genders in different ways and at different times!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Hot Doom YES. The Toast. I think the 'Pin'll be my site to check weekly, and the Toast will be my new home.

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On Friday Open Thread

@coolallison There's so many things I miss! Katie Heaney, Carolita, what's in your purse, weird stories about clocks and Canadian politics conflated with Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy...at least we have the archives!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Hmm I think the political pieces are on brand but they are so differently presented. Doing a roundup of stories about the subjugation of women in developing countries with the headline "Three Stories of Women Who Don't Have It All" is so damn rough -- it's so painfully trivializing. I would rather an essay about that, where we go into these topics and dissect them like the dead frogs they are.

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On Friday Open Thread

So what do you think of the Hairpin's new deal? The thing is, I appreciate it, I understand, I know change is good, but ugh, I miss some parts of the old Hairpin.

I know the political stuff is really really important. But I miss the weirdness! Especially the focus on personal weirdness and essays. And there are excellent essays like that (and not-so-excellent ones...which the comments: love it!), but the focus is so starkly political as to wear me out. I think it's important to have that political consciousness, but the reason I loved the Hairpin was that it was one of the few sites "for women" that wasn't about politics or beauty or love, but about women's stories about their humanity.

Change is inevitable, of course, but I wanted to say how much I miss the old 'pin, and checking it everyday.

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On More Men I Might Regret Sleeping With Were It Not For the Music They Introduced Me To

@LaLoba Maybe it's time to move on to Uhura or Scotty?

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On More Men I Might Regret Sleeping With Were It Not For the Music They Introduced Me To

@TatianaT Yes, I read the whole thing and this is such good writing. It reminds me of the realness of (500) Days of Summer, which improves every time I watch it. I really really love how honest and empathetic Lily is about Finn -- both to him and herself. The great part of these posts is that she speaks narrates each hookup with a degree of self-awareness, but not self-pity or contempt for the guys.

Lily, your writing is soooo good!

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