On Tits By Any Other Name Something Something


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Every time I heard about a bath with some weird ingredient my mind inevitably goes: but… does it get into your vagina?

Just me?

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On Keeping Up Appearances

The decline and fall of Abercrombie is a weird thing for me because I already suffer from this totally ridiculous shock every time I come home and realize that there are still teenagers that still do teenager stuff even though I'm not one anymore. But this is one case in which people ACTUALLY aren't doing the things that I was doing. It corroborates my totally dopey solipsism.

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On Lessons My Closet Taught Me

Okay, I loved this article enough to click the byline and read up more, and I've got to say, really getting a visual of your style is just next level. This comment feels super out of place given how serious the essay got at the end there but I just LOVE IT when I find a new woman whose style inspires me so much.

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On "Has Your Husband Read It?"

'"Sad Girls 'R Us" is a crass but accurate title for my personal library.'


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On Disrupters, Disconnectionists, and Dicks

Also, fun fact. At one point apparently, he was roommates with Cat Marnell. I'm not sure why I find that factoid fascinating.

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On Disrupters, Disconnectionists, and Dicks

This is a really great article that deals with the ambiguity of the issue (of connection in the new media landscape) really elegantly. However, one thing that sort of bothers me is leaping to the conclusion that his lion/squirrel metaphor automatically equates the WOMEN with the prey/nuts rather than the PLEASURE being the referent. Not that I am defending Nev, who may very well be a tremendous douche (if not something worse than that), but I sometimes get annoyed when people seem to willfully misread metaphors and get more offended than is warranted. This is on par with that Thomas Jefferson analogy of slavery being comparable to holding a wolf by its ears. I have heard people say, "Ugh! He compared black people to wolves! What a racist!" Now, of course Jefferson has a tremendously complicated and problematic relationship with race, and may very well be described as a "racist" by the contemporary standard of the term, but saying that he is comparing black people to wolves is a plain misunderstanding of his metaphor.

I somehow have a feeling this comment won't go over too well, but I'm crossing my fingers that someone will get what I'm saying.

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On A Song of Spice and Fire

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On No Excuses: Responding To One-Handed Reviews

@beetnemesis Jesus Christ, what has happened to The Hairpin?

I've been enjoying the stuff that the new editors have been putting up so far, but this article is almost identical to something I saw on Jezebel. And the divisiveness and vitriol in the comments thread went right into Jezebel territory as well. I'm not saying there isn't ever a call for this sort of dialogue or language, but I always thought that back in the Edith days, The Hairpin unapologetically just WASN'T one of those times or places. And that's why we loved it.

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On I'm Very Into You: Chris Kraus on Kathy Acker

Ok, the part in "I Love Dick" where Chris Kraus (real or fictional, I realize it's ambiguous) admits that she was intimidated by some of Sylvère's past lovers and references a note from Kathy Acker that says something like "Best lay I've ever had" made me laugh out loud. And then wonder at just how pretentious a college girl I am. But mostly I laughed because it was hilarious and perfect.

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