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@Emby I vehemently disagree with the notion that LW is responsible for making a (reasonably large) financial investment in order to keep these kids entertained. Coloring book? Yes. Entire video game console? Noooo.

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@cosmia I think it's a problem ONLY in that the OP feels like her kidless-ness will be the sticking point with her friends if she brings it up, i.e. "You don't know, you don't have kids, that's just what kids are like," which is not an uncommon attitude, I guess? But you're 100%, that behaviour is pretty unacceptable regardless.

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@Ellie The putting the mattress on the floor thing is what really bugged me. And hiding things. That nine year old should know the idea of personal property, that understanding typically comes about age four/five (hence the constant THIS IS MINE screaming at that age). His behavior is totally unacceptable in my eyes.

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@supernintendochalmers Dude, this isn't normal kid behavior, especially that of the nine-year-old. Most children can understand that they are expected to be on their best behavior when visiting others' homes, which includes not committing transgressive acts such as eating things out of the fridge without permission, putting a mattress on the floor, fucking with the animals, etc.

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The children's behavior is UNACCEPTABLE. My parents' house is much like OP described hers, and barring a handful (literally I can count the incidences on one hand) of times I fucked up my own house as a kid, the place remained in tact. And this was my house, you know? My house where I lived all the time! How can these kids behave this way in a house that ISN'T THEIRS. This blows my mind. My parents are total hippies who showered me with love but they placed very strict rules on how to act even in the "nice/visitor" areas of our own home. They tightened the rules on visits to friends/grandparents houses. HOW DO ALL PARENTS NOT DO THIS.

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I mean the 5-year old running around the house is going to be a little harder to control. 5 year old kids basically operate at full speed like 90% of the time. And not sure you can get them to not touch walls or doors. BUT, the rest of the behavior sounds deplorable. And worse, the parents reaction to it, as the letter writer's husband diplomatically pointed out.

And the nine year old! Nine! Nine years old is waaaay to old for most of the behavior described in this story!

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Man, I thought I was being high maintenance with "could you smoke weed on the porch so I can bring the baby?" when invited to child-free friends' places. I don't doubt that parenting made these people suck more, but goddamn. I think they were assholes deep down to begin with, because that shit is INEXCUSABLE.

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@Megasus Also, what about the possibility of J+C being dragons?

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