On Of Mice and People, and Yogurt

@punkahontas Yogurt is easy!

In the morning, heat a half gallon of whole milk & a cup of heavy cream to 180F (to kill any bacteria) & let cool to 115F (good temp to “grow” stuff). Add in 6 to 8 ounces of plain yogurt & stir well. Line a cooler in heavy towels, put yogurt container (I use my crockpot crock) in ice chest & wrap with towels. Don’t open or jostle cooler for 8 to 12 hours. That night put some cheesecloth, papertowels, or a dish-towel (non-fuzzy) in a colander that is inside a large lasagna pan & pour the yogurt in to drain. Make sure the towel is completely inside the lasagna pan or the whey will wick off outside the pan. Let drain overnight. Freeze a small part of the yogurt for your next batch. Chow massively!

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On A Guide to Natural Sleep Aids

Chelated Magnesium is my new favorite sleep aid. I like it because it is just a mineral supplement & something your body needs anyway. Make sure the active ingredient ends in an "ate" & not "ite" because the "ite" softens your stool quite a bit (pudding poo!)

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