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On We'll Never Be As Cool as These Australian Criminals from the '20s

@katiemcgillicuddy No problem! I find the background stories to be so intriguing. I feel especially awful for Hazel (probably forced into the drug business because her mother was involved) and Vera and Nancy ("conspiring together to procure a miscarriage", which I assume means an abortion and hopefully not poisoning another woman).

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On We'll Never Be As Cool as These Australian Criminals from the '20s

Hey everyone: you can learn the background behind some of these mugshots (and other ones) from this NPR blog back in 2011:


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On 14 Middle Animorphs Walk Into a Bar

@honey cowl I know, right? The fearless but reluctant leader, so careful in his decisions, so afraid of his friends getting injured or killed that he's willing to sacrifice himself... *swoon*

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On What If Gwyneth Paltrow Is Merely a Mirror of Our Own Obnoxiousness?

She definitely comes across to me as completely out of touch, but also pretty harmless. Honestly, reading this makes me kind of want to split a pitcher of sangria with her now - she sounds hilarious.

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On No Shark Wants to Be Lonely

"Come here, cute little ones" - adorable!

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On I'd Like to Buy the World a Brand New Disease to Fear

@Blondsak I'd also just like to add some tips for avoiding the disease when hiking/walking in tick-heavy areas:

- don't sit under trees for long, as ticks like to jump down from the leaves once they sense the CO2 coming off you

- wear full shoes and long pants - tuck your pants into your socks or shoes if you can

- stay on marked paths

- when at home - before you do anything else! - go the bathroom, strip and check yourself over, EVERYWHERE. Ticks like to hide in crevices if they can find them, if you catch my drift. If possible, have someone else check you over as well. Also, take a hot shower, and brush your hair with a fine-toothed comb.

- If you do find a tick, do not try to pull it out with your bare fingers. Instead, use a tweezers and gently coax it out. More than likely, you will easily get the body out but not the head, and the head is what you really need to worry about, so double-check to make sure the ENTIRE body is gone before cleaning and bandaging. If you can't get the head out, go to the ER and have a doctor take it out - it really is that serious.

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On I'd Like to Buy the World a Brand New Disease to Fear

My boyfriend's mother has had Lyme disease since 2008 and I can assure everyone it is both a real disease and a debilitating one. She went from running her own business and taking skating and yoga classes in the evenings, to barely being able to get out of bed because she was so incredibly fatigued, had severe joint and muscle pain, and could barely walk because she would get dizzy and fall. She also lost 30 pounds in 6 months because she had no appetite, leaving her practically skeletal.

In the last five years, we have watched as she tried dozens of different med cocktails, saw upward of 20 specialists, underwent easily 50 tests for different illnesses, and was told countless times she didn't have Lyme disease and was most likely imagining her symptoms.

Luckily, she isn't a woman who gives up easily, and so she studied up on Lyme until she was practically an expert herself, attending conferences when she felt well enough and seeking out the doctors she thought had the most expertise on the disease. Lo and behold, she does indeed have all the blood markers of chronic lyme disease, and has only recently figured out what medicinal combo works best to treat her case. But the time lost - and the lasting effects - will never be forgotten or go away completely.

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@Blondsak http://www.britishpathe.com/video/do-you-reverse-1

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Fun fact: At age 6, Flannery O'Connor taught one of her backyard chickens to walk backwards, and footage of her coaxing it to perform for the camera was featured as a preview for movies in 1932.

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On Interview With a Feminist Mormon

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll


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