On Someone Please Tell Me What to Do With This Rutabaga

@Lily Rowan THE ZUCCHINI. So much of it from my CSA. I have made three loaves of bread, making muffins tomorrow, and we've been having sliced zucchini and yellow squash with dinner for weeks.

This week's box had golden zucchini, which I'm excited to try!

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On "Only You, Mary Lou": In Search of the Olympic Moment

@muddgirl I'll never forget it either - my mom, sister and I were all on the couch, and as soon as she stuck the landing, we lept into the air. My mom was saying, "I don't believe it, I don't believe it!"

Of course, watching the video of it today is terrible, because JOHN TESH. Ugh.

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On Anne-Marie Slaughter on Family and Career, and Actually Having Both

@RK Fire Yep, very much agree. She even comes right out and says that this article is for a target audience of well-educated, successful women who are most likely going to be the ones who rise to the top and implement changes in the system. Just because she's privileged and doesn't gear her article to the average working woman doesn't make her thesis any less relevant.

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On Go Rent Follow That Bird

And it was today, when The Hairpin and Follow that Bird collided, that my childhood self came full circle with my adult self. The nexus of the universe, Hadron collider, etc. etc.

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On Really Good Books That Happen to Be My Father's Favorites

@Guybrush While we're at it, and somewhat unrelated, is it acceptable to start an "I hate Hemingway" threat? Anyone? Because UGH.

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On Jog Slowly, Sometimes

@kangerine I'm glad we are the same! I've been cruising a 11:45 mile for about a year and a half and I'm totally content. It took me a while to build to that pace consistently!

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On That New York Times Article About Children and Psychopathy

This is going to sound terrible, and I know nothing about psychoanalysis, but is it possible to have him committed/institutionalized? I would not feel safe in my own house.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Dude, Where's My Coach?

Everyone!!! Nordstrom's. Nordstrom's is your answer! I took a wonderful Coach tote (which I did not purchase at Nordstrom) which had become disgusting-ified by city living over the years and dropped it off at their purse/bag department for cleaning. They have a contracted accessories cleaner they ship bags off to. Total cost to me? $35 and it came back looking BRAND. SPANKING. NEW.

Not to knock the tips of the Clean Lady! They also sound great.

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On Horrible Death Imminent, According to TV

Good Lord, thank you for this assessment. I am routinely dumbfounded at the popularity of a show about the most obscure law enforcement-affiliated agency in the government and the readiness with which most people accept so many Naval/Marine officers are being mysteriously murdered. IT IS THE STUPIDEST PREMISE FOR A TV SHOW!

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On The Best Time I Thought I Was Going to Die Alone in Punta Cana

@bex schwartz@twitter This vaccine business is some awesome info. My mother and sister get chronic sinus infections, whereas I've been pretty lucky to avoid them (I blame the fact that I left our desert southwest home at the age of 18 and never returned except for visits; they've both been there for 20 years and the climate has wreaked havoc on their bodies). I'll clue them in!

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